Howdy Folks,

So after years on not riding I am getting back into it. Only now instead of being a young (20s) fit kid on a custom build roadie I am an old (55), fat (285) man with a whole collection of old broke bones and dislocated joints and torn ligaments as well as a current list of chronic injuries - most notably bad back and right knee. Let's not forget I have enough metal and screws inside me to open my own hardware store.

So I pulled out the old Specialized Hard Rock Pro and started messing with it.

Started with a fairly complete tune-up.

Then tossed the too soft Marzzochi fork and replaced it with a good old fashion ridge fork.

Replaced the factory stem and bars with the shortest stem (35mm) I could find and the tallest (80 mm) rise bars I could find.

Tossed the front derailer and three chain rings and installed a 34 tooth CR and then shortened the chain to work with the stock 8 speed cassette.

Rode it a few times and then swapped the seat for one with more padding and a cutout for the boys. Much better.

I have a set of Maxxis Hookworms coming as the original rear tire is about bald and both tires are now close to 20 years old.

So my first ride was a few weeks ago and consisted of 3 miles around the neighborhood. I have kept at it and now have a bit of a "course" which is about 2.6+ miles long with 367 feet of elevation change.

Last Saturday I did 14 miles. Sunday I did six laps which equaled 16.11 miles. I am going to say that 6 X 367 = 2,202 feet of elevation change as well. And since I started and stopped at my front door, I had to climb up every foot I got to coast down.

Bike is running well, no creaks or squeaks or groans on the street. Still it is old and N+1 so I am looking to possibly purchase a new bike.

I'm 5-7 (maybe 8) and currently on a medium. Stem to seat is 22.5" - Remember I installed the shortest stem and tallest bars.

Looking at a couple of options.

Giant Trance E Pro 2 - Ebike

Santa Cruz 5010 - Peddle FS

Giant Trance 2 - Peddle FS

Santa Cruz Chameleon - Peddle HT

I have a couple of concerns:

Am I just too dang fat for a FS? Will the shock hold up or even be tunable?

Is the Chameleon (or any other HT) too similar to my current bike?

Sizing - as mentioned my current bike is a medium with 22.5" between stem and seat. Pretty much all the bikes I look seem to have a longer TT so that would put me in a small to get the same seating position.

I'm in Whittier So Cal. Looking to ride the Fullerton loop on a regular basis as well as down at the beach, in the neighborhood, Carbon Canyon and then into the local hills and mountains. Doubt I will ever jump anything much taller than a curb but I do like to wheelie here and there. At lest I used to.