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    Favorite, non-finicky hanging scale??

    What do most people like/have for hanging scales to get a full bicycle weight?

    I had my Park DS-1 warrantied after it stopped turning on, and my replacement just isn't that good. It is giving me readings of at least a pound difference, say when hanging the same bike within 2-5 minute intervals.

    Looking for options that are more accurate (at least not giving me such a wide range of readings) and is fairly durable as it is stored in a non-heated garage.

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    I go to places like Marshalls or TJ Max and grab a luggage scale. I have a digital one with a nylon strap that I just wrap around my seat and lift the bike off the ground. ($10 bucks maybe?)
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    I've been using an Alpine Digital for years and it works fine.

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    I've not had any issues with my Feedback Sports unit.
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    I have some random cheap fish scale I bought years ago. it's on its last legs, though (get it?), as the display is going out. It has worked fine otherwise, though, and I'll probably replace it with some other random fish scale.

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