Fast Riders on Cheap Bikes!-
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    Fast Riders on Cheap Bikes!

    Watch the guy rippin' starting about 5:50 minutes in. He's clearly a very fast rider: I assumed he was on a full suspension, but it's actually a hardtail, and an off brand bike at that! Just $400 for the bike, a hongfu? with slick tires!

    BKXC with his $6K+ bike is barely keeping up. Reminds me of another youtuber who also had a very expensive full suspension ride who had a hard time keeping up with a rider on a cheap bike with bald tires. Hmmmm.... pattern here....???

    BKXC was invited on this group ride. He asks them if their ride is "open to all?" and one of the club members hesitates and says "open to all" which probably means it's not actually open to all, but more of a promo vid for the club?

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    Iíll watch that ^ later.

    For a good laugh and on a related note, watch this one.

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    I passionately remove rocks and corners and other stuff I find too hard to ride.

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    I've been riding that park for about a decade. There's occasionally these old guys in their 60s on very old steel hardtails. They absolutely rip. It's pretty funny.

    I'll pass on hardtails, but good for them.

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    One thing to remember - the guy on the fancy bike has never ridden there before. There is something to be said for knowing the trails.

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    I've encountered that guy in bkxc's video and tried chasing him down chaparral. He dusted me. Probably didnt even know he was being chased. I was also on a fancy bike.

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    This isn't exactly the same as your videos, but it's still one of my favorite Skills with Phil videos:

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    I wouldn't trust a Walmart huffy, but a nice used bike from a reputable company that was well maintained, yes. Jamis Trail X3, yes. A Hongfu? This bike certainly allows the rider to rip, and there are plenty of threads in bicycle forums about the quality of at least some Chinese brands. I wouldn't spend $2K on a motobecane though. :-)

    Here's the other video for reference.

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