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    Experience with KitBrix, Cat5Gear, and LG Cycling Gear Bag (Time to Get Organized)

    I am in the market for a really good cycling bag to get my stuff organized for both road and mountain riding. I just started riding road to up my endurance and I have a overload of cycling gear to track down when I ride. I have considered KitBrix, Cat5Gear, and LG Cycling Bag. I want to hear rider reviews for the bags. I love the KitBrix design but it does not have any mesh ventilation. I can only imagine the nasty aftermath of zipping up a sweaty helmet and shoes inside the bag after a ride. I heard the LG bag is not very durable as well.


    Cyclist Case

    LG Cycling Bag

    Mountain Smith Bike Cube
    Mountainsmith.com - Bike Cube Deluxe

    Hincapie Pro Duffel
    Hincapie Pro Duffel - Hincapie Sportswear
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    Not anything I'm interested in.

    I throw my stuff in anything that's handy, when I'm done with the ride, I throw it in a pile on the car floor. Makes it easy to figure out what goes where when you get home.

    Just get a couple of huge ziplock bags at the buttcheese store and call it good. Put a couple of stickers on them if you need the bling factor.

    I just saved you $70.
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    I would be wary of putting any of my cycling gear in a bag unless travelling with them. It would be surprising if any bag did not stink really really bad. Typically I will air out gear (shoes, helmet, gloves, etc) on the deck and then a few hours later go onto a shelf in the garage.

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    A large duffle bag worked pretty good for me, I like having everything together and ready to go. Always let shoes & helmet air out well before putting them in there though.

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    I use the Cat5Gear case and absolutely LOVE it! I used to do like everyone else and just stuff it in an old jim bag or whatever but the cases are really nice and keep your stuff organized. The ventilation is a huge plus. Been using it over a year now and will never go back to my old ways. I have a "dirty" side and a "clean" side. Makes life easy at the trailhead.

    There are plenty of bags out there, I only have experience with the Cat5's so I can only comment on those.

    Bellow is a clip from the local bike shop for anyone who doesn't know about these cycling specific cases (whichever you choose). They're nice for sure.

    Not plugging the shop or trying to spam the site. It's just info for the cycling community. Worth checking out!
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