Ecuador Mountain Bike Trip withThe Family-
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    Ecuador Mountain Bike Trip withThe Family

    On vacation with the family last week and we went on a two day trip from Quito, over the Andes, and into the far western Amazon basin. Went with Jan, ( the founder of MTB trips 15 years ago in Ecuador. His main employees had recently left him to go into business on their own, and none of his new guys knew the trip we wanted, so he did it himself. He is quite a character, and one of the highlights of the trip was hearing his tales as we rode along in the landcruiser to the next segment of riding. None of this was hardcore, Jan would be happy to arrange whatever suits you though. Jeep trails and some pavement. Nearly all down hill (I did try riding uphill for a while at 15,000 feet, decided downhill was better). We left Quito (9,200 feet) and went east up over the Andes (pass was about 12,000 feet) and rode down into the jungle. This was sight seeing in the fresh air! We got lucky and had two days of mostly sunshine with high clouds, but did get drenched once by a sudden downpour. The locals were friendly, if not somewhat puzzled. Drivers were considerate, but you had better be prepared to pull over if two trucks try to pass beside you. Right of way is determined by gross tonnage of the vehicle in Ecuador.
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    For touristic montain biking the Flying Dutchman is ok
    But if you really want to bike in my country you should
    look for a local mountainbiker and ask for real routes.
    You have to be in gooood physical conditions !!!
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    It sounds wonderful that you got to take such a wonderful trip and ride your bike. While I know that a lot of people like to check out more difficult trails, etc. - I certainly can appreciate touring around, spending time with companions, and just enjoying the country side. I haven't personally had a chance to travel to a new place (outside of my state) with my bike yet - but it is something that I very much look forward to doing some day. I love seeing everyone's pictures of where they go and what they see. It has been very inspiring!

    Thanks for sharing.

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