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    ###### Dakine Nomad Pack? ########

    has anyone used this pack? i've been using my old c-bak cloudwalker w/ a 100 oz bladder and it's been bothering me. i use 100 oz bc i live in the az desert, but the pack was designed for a 70 oz. bladder, so it makes it fit weird. when i do that the chest strap creeps and chokes me.
    how do they hold up? i am sure the nalgene bladder is good, but want feedback on it anyways. how's the fit while riding?


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    I have one....

    I replaced my 6 year old Performance Monsoon, which I truly liked, have to give up on it when I only had zero working zippers on the storage compartments.
    Mine seems to fit fine, no creep.
    are you using the waist belf?
    I am a big guy, 6'5" and 250 lbs, not sure if that affects the fit.

    70oz bladder? I thought mine came with a 100, at least that is what I was looking for.
    of course, I have not measured.......yet.

    I like it for the storage, I carry alot of stuff when I ride.
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    For what its worth I read in a mag this spring 07 that this pak was really decent if you did not want a camelback. I am thinking of getting one just for something different. I have not looked for one yet.

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    i have one and i like it if im going on a full day ride but if i want to go on a short hour or so ride, it's a bit large. but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. overall i think this bag is awesome.

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    It's a very nice pack, fits very well and holds a lot of stuff. I like the organization of the Nomad the best out of any pack I've used so far.

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    I've just replaced my old C-Mule that I've used for 2 years with the 07 Nomad. It is by far a better pack and lot more comfortable.

    I haven't made up my mind about the nelgen bladder yet.. the opening is alot smaller... I might switch it out and just use the camelbak 100oz that I already have since I also already have the insulation sleeve and the collapsable drying rack for it.

    The pack seem to be better quality and well made. It may look big but since it's so well padded, it actually feels better carrying it around. I also dig the hide-away armor carrying straps which will come in handy.


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    I got an '06 Nomad for 1/2 price, and it seems very well designed.
    The bladder didn't look any bigger than another one I have that is 2L, so I checked and it actually did take 3L (100oz for you yanks).

    Prexus - yeah that's one complaint I have, the opening is really small, making cleaning more difficult, compared to other bladders.
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    Nice looking pack, my M.U.L.E is getting older and this one look like a good option.

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    I have a Nomad from 2003 (I think) and it's held up fairly well -- no split seams or anything. I used it both for riding and snowboarding for the past two seasons, so it's seen some pretty good abuse.

    I particularly like the helmet/pad compartment on the back -- great place to stash your stuff on the climbs.

    They've made several improvements since my model was made, and I was actually considering upgrading and selling my old one...

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