Customer Service

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  • 12-21-2011
    Customer Service
    I want to Rep Rick Taylor from KSsuspension for his outstanding service. I lost some parts for my dropper seatpost . I e-mailed KS asking them how to get replacement parts ,Rick e-mailed back with a diagram and part #s asking what parts I needed . I e-mail ed him back with the #'s . He e-mailed me saying the parts are on the way via UPS. Thanks again Rick.:thumbsup:
  • 12-21-2011
    Rick is a busy man but he's very helpful and provide great service. One of a main reason I buy more KS posts instead of other brands.

    I posted a similar thread a few years back good to see another post giving Kudos:)
  • 12-23-2011
    You have had better luck w him then I did - I traded emails with him looking for servicing instructions for my KS post - he said he would email me the details. Have yet to receive the email (this has happened 3 times).

    Fortunately the post has been amazing for the past 2 years and simple enough to take apart and figure out the maintenance stuff myself.

    Cant wait for the new KS post with the actuation lever as part of the collar so it doesnt move anymore!