• 07-08-2008
    one incredible donkey
    Contact lens wearers - do your eyes dry out on rides?
    Prior to wearing contacts I wore glasses and cursed the sweat that ran down the lenses and the dust and condensation which would coat their surfaces during a long ride. I switched to contact lenses late last year and now the the lenses dry out during a ride. As a result my vision becomes blurry and I need to blink constantly. Sometimes it even feels like the lenses could come out due to the excessive dryness and blinking.

    For those who wear contacts, do you experience this problem and if so, how do you prevent it?

    I considered that it might be related to the age of the contact being worn but I won't find out until next weekend, when I intend to put in new lenses for a trip to a resort.

    For a while I carried around a little bottle of eye drops but it only provided a temporary fix and the dryness would inevitably return at inopportune moments on a trail.

    I also thought about buying non-prescription sport glasses with clear lenses to act as a wind screen but I would imagine the same problems that plagued me as a prescription lens wearer would be repeated with these. They also tend to be expensive and I'd like my solution to be cheap if possible. Does anyone make cheap clear non-prescription glasses of good optic quality?
  • 07-08-2008
    Get sun glasses. Every contact lens wearer I know wears sunglasses (with clear lenses if it's not that bright out) to stop that very problem.
  • 07-08-2008
    You need to get glasses to cover your eyes. You can get those that change with the light so that in the sun you have sunglasses and in the trees you have clear lenses.

    The first time I went ridding with my contacts, my lenses dried out, and everything went blurry. I ended up catching my handlebar on a tree and crashing into the woods. Learned my lesson real fast.
  • 07-08-2008
    I wear contacts all the time.....don't really dry out. Actually the opposite happens. On long DH's, my eyes sometimes waters because of all the wind. I always carry a rewetting bottle with me but I usually only use it when some speck of dirt gets in my eye or whatever.

    Recently, I started riding w/o sunglasses, especially in forested areas because my vision is better w/o them....more clarity, the sweat can't drip onto the lenses, no fogging, etc. But I'll only do this if I'm going first since there won't be any dust to contend with.

    What contacts do you use? Maybe a switch in types would help. I wear these: http://www.acuvue.com/acuvue_advance.htm I used to have dry eyes every now and then but since I switched to these, the dry eyes stopped...and I wear my contacts for at least 16 hours/day.
  • 07-08-2008
    I have been wearing contacts for about 10 years. As far as MTB goes, get some glasses. You can get a multi-lens set with a couple colors to choose from depending on where you're riding. If you're looking for cheap clear then just buy some shooting glasses, but I recommend spending a little more for something that will be comfy.

    Since you are new to contacts as well, I'll say this. There are lots of brands and they all react a little differently fto each individuals body chemistry. Same goes with solution. I guarantee that if you try 4 different solutions each for a week, one of them will make your contacts feel better for longer than the rest... on average. The same thing will happen if you try four different contacts, and the best feeling solution for one brand of contact, might not be the best feeling for another brand for you. For me, Acuvue Oasis contacts with Aquify cleaning solution and Aquify Long Lasting Comfort drops is the ticket. I rarely notice them. If you are new to contacts, I recommend you go to your Dr and ask for a couple different samples, and then start experimenting with solutions.

    Edit: I posted on top of you dd, I get the eyes watering when I ride around town, but on the trail its more dust and debris. Also lots of trees here. Lots of guys without contacts where glasses just cause theres "high eye risk" from our conditions. Doug Fir needles in the eyeball suck!
  • 07-08-2008

    Originally Posted by Dogbrain
    I have been wearing contacts for about 10 years. As far as MTB goes, get some glasses. You can get a multi-lens set with a couple colors to choose from depending on where you're riding. If you're looking for cheap clear then just buy some shooting glasses, but I recommend spending a little more for something that will be comfy.

    I agree with dogbrain..... I use glasses with various lenses....and usually the clear lens stays on fro forest rides....

    I use gas-permeable (hard) lenses..and the glasses solve most of the problems (eventually a spec of dirt makes it way to my eyes, but rarely)
  • 07-08-2008
    get some biking specific shades like the oakley radar pitch and they will take a lot of air off your eyes. many regular sunglasses will allow air to come in at one or two spots and still cause drying, i.e., my bolle glasses cause drying right at the tear duct and drives me crazy.
  • 07-08-2008
    one incredible donkey
    I'll hunt around for some biking specific shades at a good price. I found these from Nashbar and maybe I'll give them a shot since they're cheap.

    And I might try to play around with contact lens brands, as suggested.
  • 07-08-2008
    Mine dry out, even with different pairs of cycling specific sunglasses. And I have to wear sunglasses if it's even halfway bright--the bright sun just blinds me. I'll have to take the advice of some of the others and look into different lenses and solutions to see if it helps.
  • 07-09-2008
    Contact wearer for 15 years now. I always wear eye protection of some sort while riding, unless I'm on a slow going trail deep in the woods where there is no wind, and little chance of a branch hitting me in the eye. I've got a pair of Smith sunglasses with interchangeable lenses that covers pretty much any light condition I'm riding in. Sometimes in the winter (no bright sunlite conditions) I'll just wear a pair of safety glasses - the newer modern sleek style type. Without eye protection my contacts will dry out real quick. Also, I notice in the beginning of a ride, even with eye protection on, my eyes will dry out cause some wind gets behind/around the glasses. After a few minutes I think my eyes trigger the automatic tears/wetting to kick in and it's all good from there.
  • 07-09-2008
    I prefer to carry Oakley M frames, but take them off in the more technical
    parts of the trail because depth perception and peripheral vision are better
    without glasses, even the best ones. Road riding, with higher speeds and
    less to contend with is 100% glasses. By the way, beware of lenses with
    vent holes along the top. They can dry contacts, too bad because they
    really help you stay cooler on hot days.
  • 07-09-2008
    I carry the drops, but hardly ever use them. I wear Smith Sliders with a few different lemses.
  • 07-09-2008
    i don't get dryness biking with mine, either because i'm too slow or i have too much sweat dripping into my eyes helping to keep them moist or because it's so damn humid here lately. when i ski though i have that problem, even when going fast enough to make my eyes water since the water goes away from the lens. the only solution i've found is sunglasses or goggles. i do occassionally use my sunglasses (smith with interchangable lenses) for biking but not because of dry contacts and they do get annoying sometimes with fogging and getting sweat in them
  • 07-09-2008
    Spartacus Rex
    I've been a contact lens wearer for over 15 years and have found that the acuvue lenses to be the most comfortable. I do carry drops in case of dirt/dust but dont really have a problem with dry eyes on the trail. I wear Tifosi sunglasses that have interchangeable lenses and those have held up pretty good. I find that even though they are vented, they still fog up on the super sweaty hot days. I always debate removing them and dealing with drying contactact out vs. keeping them on and fogging up.
  • 07-09-2008
    I ride with contacts on a regular basis. If I ride without sunglasses, my eyes will water on fast downhills and dry out on the slower stuff. If the sun isn't out I'll put clear lenses in.