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    Circuit Training benefits

    Just thought I'd share a little something w/ the forum JIC it can help others...

    I've never been one for Circuit Training really...

    My preferred training in the past has been static lifting i.e. training to failure w/ modestly, heavy-ish weights.

    Within my new job, fitness is a key factor & so, I've found myself participating in Circuit Training (part of employment plan).

    To add to the back story, I haven't been able to get out and ride as much as I usually would... dropping from 3-4 rides per week to 1-2. Again mainly in part to my new role.

    Anyhow, out on my ride yesterday w/ my budz. On a trail which has some doozie climbs... and by gosh!! I was whizzing up the hills =) I mean I was literally, smashing them.

    I was dropping half of the group, guys I'm usually slip streaming... One guy - I never usually see on the climbs, unless it's just he & I and he's waiting/taking it easy. Yesterday, he was following me & working pretty hard i.e. I could hear him panting away.

    Plus, when I got to the top of this biggest/steepest climb, on this particular trail set... I wasn't blowing like I usually do... My breathing rate returned to normal a lot quicker etc.

    The even more amazing - for me, fact is... that this transformation has taken place after a mere weeks worth of Circuit Training o_0

    i.e. a week and a half ago, I was out riding w/ the same group on another trail w/ a long/sustained climb. It was business as usual i.e. me nearer the back, slogging my guts out. Waiting for the suffering to end >.<

    Whereas, yesterday I was actually enjoying the climb...

    Now... well, in past I've been all about riding more & supplementing in a couple of static lifting sessions per week.

    But now... & based on yesterdays results - plus with current working situation... I'm thinking, if I can enjoy my ride(s) more - even though there's less of them... I'd actually be quite happy with that.

    So, I'm thinking... Circuit Training in, static stuff mostly out & get to crushing more climbs =)

    'Born to ride!'
    "Mountain biking: the under-rated and drug-free antidepressant"

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    Sounds a bit like interval training, and that really works for me. Super hurtful but great payoffs.
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    When I used to race, I ran stairs at a local outdoor stadium. That got me in really good shape, but like JB said, it was a very painful workout. I also had to take care not to fall on the way down when I got fatigued. It was only metal and concrete.

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