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    can't ride because I can't breath outside (very well) due to wildfires

    So.. I was evacuated for 3~ days due to the Woolsey fire..

    this is what it looked like as I left

    on the upside I had a house / bike to come back to.. on the downside I have trouble breathing outside due to the poor air quality... so obviously riding a mt. bike isn't really possible for now...

    I'm afraid I'm going to be rather out of shape again by the time I can ride

    meh.. don't own a trainer thing so can't do that.. I guess I could get one? but I don't think i'd like it.

    I don't know who angered the Volcano God around Thousand Oaks.. but hopefully this crap is nearly at a end around here... RIP Borderline Victims =\

    anyone else sidelined by wildfire smoke here?

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    Come out east of LA, plenty of trails but a bit of a drive.

    Glad your home/bike are OK.
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    Glad you’re safe. Get a vogmask, not for riding but for surviving.

    That sucks. I left SF on Friday (was out for a business trip) and had to get an earlier flight back home because the air was so bad.
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    filter mask is probably a good idea. you should expect your performance to suffer with the airflow restriction. I don't think you want the bulk of a respirator, so if the mask isn't sufficient then you would have to ride indoors.

    Amazon has a bunch of lightweight options, almost like a half-mask for skiing, with replaceable filters. N95 to N100 rated.

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    I'm with you man I live in T.O. also. It's sucked not being able to ride since last Thursday. Actually I snuck in a little ride yesterday. I took it easy because I knew the air wasn't good even though I was riding in an area that wasn't smoky. Only a short ride too since I felt like I was breaking the law since technically the trails were closed due to the fires. They had barriers with signs at every trailhead saying open spaces are closed due to wildfires.

    I'm planning on an afternoon ride today. The wind is expected to finally diminish after 1 PM. Pretty bummed that over half of the places I usually ride have been scorched. Expect Hill Canyon to be crispy along with Lang Ranch, Chesbro and Bell Canyon.

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    I'm in the Chico/Oroville area just outside of the Camp Fire. AQI has been varying in the 250-550 range for days now, sometimes spiking closer to 1000. It looks like a heavy fog all day. I'm glad to see that most people are wearing masks here

    I can't complain because my family and home are safe while so many friends lost everything. But I'm really looking forward to clean air again, though it may take another couple weeks

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    Photo taken yesterday in the east bay. Can't see Mt Diablo.

    Same view on a clear day.

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    We came back from Saline Valley on Monday to shock at the murk in the central valley. I can't ride at all in this stuff since I've got some historic asthma to deal with. By the time the air clears, I'll be fat, outa shape, and my lungs will suck (or fail to suck?)

    Lots of the skiers I ski with at Lassen Park live in Chico and Paradise. What a horrible fire.

    Today, the local air quality is the worst in the entire world! We should have stayed in Saline Valley at the naked hippie hot springs but the riding was limited, rough, and loose gravel. However, the pavement ride back down the Death Valley Road back to big pine was cold and very fast. Fast enough in places so I was pushing the stability of my old 26 inch steep geometry bike.
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    That air looks way better than the last time I was in Beijing.
    Do the math.

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