• 06-13-2012
    Bike storage options in small apartment.
    I searched the archive and got some ideas, and these are what seems to be the best option for me.

    Ok, I made some space last night and found two spots I can store 2 bikes if my gf and I get one..but they have to be one on top of the other. I've looked at a couple of options and wanted to hear some thoughts / experiences on them.

    One is the Thule stand alone bike rack, which I've heard mixed reviews on Amazon. I am concerned with the slanted top tube on some mountain bikes and also with the front wheel / handlebar just turning out with gravity and not straight, if that makes sense... The handle bars I can just loosen when I store and turn it if needed.
    A stand alone bike rack from Thule.. Looks simple enough...
    2012 Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker Storage Rack - Home Rack / Garage Rack for Hanging Two Bikes

    The other is the Saris that is held up by gravity (btw, I can't drill I am renting).. seems like an alternative to the THule... not sure a reason it would be better than the THule..


    And the third style is floor to ceiling tension mount... I wonder how sturdy it is and not loosening up and just dropping, but it does look better than the Thule for inside..


    Would like to see any comments or pics of your storage using one of the above or other options
  • 06-13-2012
    Mojo Troll
    Years ago, when sharing an appartment with a roommate. I stored two bikes in my bedroom. I got a big cardboard box for appliances, washer, refridegrator etc.....Cut it to where the corner of the box fit into the corner of where the wall meet the floor. Used three tacks to hold it up against the wall. Lean the bikes against the wall. It kept the wall and carpet clean. Ocassionally you have to vacuum/sweep the floor part of it. Best of all it was free. They didnt have bike storage racks back then.

    Oh yeah, carrry your bikes across carpet. Do'nt roll them. Thrust me :thumbsup:
  • 06-13-2012
    There's a whole whole subculture of ikea-based bike racks (click the photos for more info):

    They're cool, but I haven't had a chance to try any of them.
  • 06-13-2012
    I'm partial to the dual touch by Topeak because you can actually store 4 bikes with ease

  • 06-13-2012
    Endothermic Cavewalker
    That rack from Thule is fairly nice.

    Even though this one is a bit more money than any that have been posted so far, I really like this one here. europly, plywood, wood, bicycle, bike, bike rack, bike stand, storage, organizing bikes, organizing space, organize space, gears and equipement storage, velo, bicyclette, support a velo, rack a velo, standalone, no tools required, aucun outils requis Not only does it hold 2 bikes, but there is room to hang my helmets and other gear. Plus it looks really nice!
  • 06-14-2012
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    My boyfriend built this for our bikes. We had about 9 bikes on this rack at some point, all hung by the saddle. I hope it helps.
  • 06-16-2012
    In college, my room-mate and I hung our bikes in the closet by simply strapping the front or rear wheels (staggered) to the bar normally used for hanging clothes. It's easier and cheaper to get portable closets than to buy bike racks for an apartment
  • 06-17-2012
    i got something like the thule but cheaper at dicks for my appartment at college. works fine, not in the way.