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    Good time for this thread. I'm planning to take my 7 year old daughter into nature and she is terrified of ticks after she had some.

    I'm about to buy 10% permethrin to make a solution. Some questions I have:

    1. If you put permethrin on clothes, does it protect bare skin at all? Or are we more concerned with ticks on clothes since we inadvertently bring them in?

    2. Since everyone talks about putting permethrin on clothes only, is it assumed it is too toxic to put on bare skin?

    3. I checked out that 3M Ultrathon. It says it also repels ticks, is that actually the case? It only mentions deed as an ingredient. I have regular Mosquito stuff and re-applying every few hours ins't a problem and it seems the 3M stuff's advantage is long term

    4. How do you deal with bare-skin repellent (deed or other stuff) and sunscreen? Do you apply sunscreen first, and then the deed? i once ordered some mixture that allegedly did both sunscreen and mosquito repelling and it only blocked the sun and didn't do anything for mosquitos.

    5. and another confusing thing is the Picardin that is mentioned. Assuming this is used on bare skin, should I still apply permethrin on clothing?

    I like to minimize exposure to all the chemicals, but that balances with the harsh potential damage lyme disease et al can do.
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    IMO, treat the clothing properly with permethrin and after your outing, do a diligent body scan in case something broke the clothing barrier. It makes a difference with how much you are covered by clothing but I find with pants and a short sleeve, the permethrin works great, even better with long sleeves. I believe Deet does repel ticks but as mentioned by some above, I hate the feel of that stuff as well as sunscreen. If a tick ends up on your treated clothes, it's dead, not just repelled.

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    This thread is making me wonder why there's no FrontLine for humans? Pet owners will know FrontLine.

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