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    Quote Originally Posted by Cornfield View Post
    Culture change for sure! I hated it for a long time, now I just go sit in SoCal traffic for a couple weeks two or three times a year and then I'm glad to be back for a bit. I actually preferred the greater Sacramento area to SoCal in some ways, would be hard to choose if I went back. I did Kirkwood for a couple seasons, love that place!
    Kirkwood is awesome! It was my favorite mountain that I rode while I was there. Definitely miss the Tahoe area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battery View Post
    Bellingham for sure. You are around the corner from Whistler and you can ride Galbraith Mountain every day for the rest of your life. I'm trying to convince my wife that we need to move up there from the Seattle-Tacoma area but it's not working...yet. I think she is on to me.
    If we weren't settled into our jobs, I'd be up there in a heartbeat. I went to school there and really love the place.
    Riding Washington State singletrack since 1986

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtnbkrmike View Post
    Okay. I can't resist.


    1. The City Itself - 4th "Most Livable City" in the World

    First off, as a place to live, Calgary was recently voted the 4th most liveable place in the world:

    "...A new global survey has ranked Calgary as the fourth most “livable” city in the world, with Toronto and Vancouver falling not far behind. The Economist’s 2018 Global Livability Index surveyed 140 cities around the world and ranked them based on 30 factors in five broad categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. With perfect scores in four categories, Calgary ranked fourth with an average score of 97.5, falling behind only Vienna, Austria (99.1), Melbourne, Australia (98.4) and Osaka, Japan (97.7)...".

    2. The Trails - Proximity, Diversity and Sheer Quantity

    I have spent a fair amount of time now biking in every one of Canada’s mountain biking destinations (as well as most US biking-focused destinations). Most recently, I went on an extended Western Canada swing late last summer and covered a lot of regions.

    In the Calgary area, West Bragg Creek and Moose Mountain each alone have significantly more riding (more diverse, and more trails) than MANY other ENTIRE areas. And that is just scratching the surface. Some of the stuff off Moose (and Razor's) has as much gnar as anyone could possibly want.

    Trail Maps – GBCTA – Volunteer Trails Assoc.

    Add to that all of the various sub-regions of:

    a. Kananaskis Country (Prairieview/Jewell/Razor's Edge/Baldy Pass area, Cox/Jumpingpound area, Powderface area and others);

    b. Canmore (including the Canmore Nordic Centre);

    c. Banff (including Minnewanka and the Tunnel Mountain network); and

    d. Canada Olympic Park, if you want some lift assisted, new school DH stuff (the park was redesigned by the Whistler Bike Park crew).

    All of these destinations are within an hour of my driveway. Canada Olympic Park is 5 minutes away.

    Fernie and Golden are both within striking distance (2.5 hours for each).

    Here is the trail map for the Canmore Nordic Centre, which was one of the venues for the 1988 Winter Olympics (as was Canada Olympic Park):

    Recently from PinkBike...this is only scratching the surface...maybe 1% at best of the local riding:

    Here is a pic from Prairieview - the trailhead is 35 minutes from my driveway:

    Attachment 1233815

    3. The Trails - Single Track Climbing

    I HATE climbing on fire roads. In some of the more popular regions I have biked at, this is the only means of accessing the downs. Thankfully, this does not exist here. Dirt trails up...dirt trails down...

    4. My Daily Commute

    95% of my daily commute from the extreme west side of Calgary to downtown, is on one of two car-free bike paths (one on each side of the Bow River), with a decent 5 minute twisty downhill dirt blast in the middle that's a great eye opener each morning.

    5. The LBSs

    Bow Cycle rocks. 62 years in business and still going strong. Stronger than ever actually. It is one of the largest brick and mortar LBSs in the world. And it is but one of many large and excellent LBSs in Calgary.

    6. The Vibe

    For anyone who thinks there is no mountain biking culture (comparable to the surfing culture), spend a weekday evening or day on the weekend at West Bragg Creek. Pre and post-ride, the trail head is incredible. So is the trailhead for the shuttling at Moose Mountain. Beers, BBQ's and tunes. Awesome.

    In conclusion, I am not contending that Calgary is necessarily "the best" biking centre, but it's decent. And I can travel to wherever else I want, when the urge overcomes me. It's a great home base for any biking enthusiast.
    I'd probably take Canmore, but Calgary is certainly close enough to the good stuff.
    Riding Washington State singletrack since 1986

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    I have it pretty good here in the San Bernardino Mountains. Four bike parks; two of which are lift accessed. Hundreds of miles of singletrack with some epics and local only trails. Both high schools are heavily involved in mountain biking. There's two race courses, one of which has snow bike racing. The work commute off the hill is 30 minutes. Within a half days drive is Sedona, Mammoth, Bootleg ect.
    Ripping trails and tipping ales

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    Depends on rider mentality too. There are some gnarly random towns in the middle of nowhere that have probably the best legit MTBing, like Cougar, Wa (Gifford Pinchot) or Oakridge (Oakridge Trails).....neither of which have much of anything besides big backcountry & remote riding. Obviously several other places like that that you never hear about....maybe someplace like Pemberton up in BC too.

    Best balance of MTB, work and social is tough to come bye. Someplace like Belingham is one of the first places that come to mind, obviously has great local riding....but BC is an hour away, Whistler not far beyond that. Get yourself a small camper van and can ride North Shore, Squamish, Whistler and Pemby during a weekend and pay 0 for hotels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curveball View Post
    I'd probably take Canmore, but Calgary is certainly close enough to the good stuff.
    Canmore is great. No doubt. For skiing too. Super close to Sunshine and Louise. But I have buddies who live in Canmore who never want to ride at West Bragg which, in my view, is probably the best of the local areas. Same goes for Moose Mountain. West Bragg and Moose are closer to my place than to my buddies in Canmore. Not sure I would want to live in Canmore either. Calgary is a world class centre. Canmore is awfully small. Also, if you work in Calgary, living in Canmore is the shits, unless you can swing it remotely (electronically).

    Best alternative (IMHO) - live in Calgary, and have a weekend getaway in Canmore. Or Fernie. Or have friends who do.

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