Bad Uncle ...forgot to tell nephews reverse brake levers-
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    Bad Uncle ...forgot to tell nephews reverse brake levers

    So we were camping at Vail Lake, CA and found a great jumping section. We took careful consideration to which section to practice on first and all agreed to the 8 foot table top. My nephews were on my old, old diamond back no suspension and I having a FS diamond back with RS and Fox setup. So after letting them have fun with the old bike, I let them use mine. (I had to make sure they knew how to handle a jump right?) So I let the eldest (20) go first and forgot to mention the brakes were switched. He came down the hill and hit the jump but didnt clear the top and kept going.. Until he came to the left hand turn and grabbed the right brake handle. All I heard was Arrrrrggghhhh and see a cloud of dust. LMAO right now. He went down but thankfully it was soft sand in the turn. Not a scratch except to his ego. Well his younger brother (18)has ridden my bike before, on the street so nothing like this. I remind him now that my brakes are like ATV/motorcycles which he rides. So he says he's got it and out loud says rear brake left dont touch right" Well he too didnt clear table top but landed awkward and grabbed the brake. "wrong brake" and does a hilarious stoppie/endo with him flying over the bars. He just had the right mind to just jump off and try to land feet first which amazingly he did! Caught it on video but still need to figure out how to transfer from video cam to youtube. Now am I a evil uncle or what!!!

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    hahahahahaha thats awful but funny
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    lol, i hired a bike once in Germany and found out that the brakes were switched took me hours and 3 falls to finally get used to it

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    It depends on the person. I've talked to some that ride motorcycles, or used to like me, and they love the levers reversed.
    For me it never worked, it just confused my brain. In my case, the brain knew the difference between MTB and Motorcycle. When I switched them so the front was on the right, I immediately started having issues.
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