Australians??? I think this dude is trying to scam me outta my car.-
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    Australians??? I think this dude is trying to scam me outta my car.

    Anyone from Australia here? I posted my car for sale and the next day was contacted from this dude. This appears to be a typical scam. He claims to be from Australia. Here's the emails I've recieved from him including his home address. Can anyone verify this address? If this is a hoax maybe I can get him arrested trying to steal it.

    Hi Wes,
    Thanks for the response once again, i guess i am okay
    with the details so far. and as thus i will like
    to purchase it right away.
    I will also prefer my international freight agent take care of the
    shippment of the car because i
    have some other pending goods i will like him to ship along with
    your car down to melbourne, Australia.
    considering the fact that i am based overseas, i would like to
    make payment now as a show of seriouseness by instructing my
    in the
    states to issue you a certified
    cashiers check $16000 USD which is a refund payment i personally
    suggested this idea cause i
    believe that will get payment to you faster considering the fact
    i am based overseas and to avoid complications and also the fact that
    it covers both payment and shipping charges which i w ould be
    personally to avoid compli catio ns, for i would want it to be
    delivered the safest and most professional way ,so what i would
    li ke
    for you to do
    on receiving the money is to
    deduct the cost of the car which is$12000 then wire what
    is left
    to myshipper. the shipping funds sent to my shipping agent will
    transport himself over to your place, offset shippment to here.he
    will show
    up at the address you
    provide for pick up,where you both, will work out all necessary
    please feel free to use $200 for all transfer details
    on the time ;upon confirmation from you that PAYMENT HAS CLEARED
    and made from me to when the car is due for pick up.
    confirm this and mail back as to the full address including your
    phone number of where and to whom
    the funds
    should be sent to. Here is my information you will ne ed in
    signin g
    any neccesary document;
    Name Mike Collier
    # 7 Corner of wellington and jackson road,
    victoria 3170

    have a good one

    ----- Original Message -----

    > Mike,
    > The ad was placed yesterday so all info is current. Here is a link to the
    > ad I placed on with more pictures of the car. Asking 11,995.
    > Thanks,
    > wes
    > ----Original Message Follows----
    > your ad -
    > generated the following e-mail to you:
    > ---------------------------------------
    > 2002 Oldsmobile Alero GLS loaded, leather, etc...
    > GLS Model including all options. Car is in excellent mechanical and asthetic
    > condition. No dings, scratches, or dents. Only flaws are a couple of minor
    > rock chips in the front bumper. You would even be hard pressed to find swirl
    > marks from waxing. Interior is extremely clean and free of stains.
    > Options include a quality leather seating, power everything, power moonroof,
    > factory chrome alloy wheels, auto on/off headlamps, cassette/disc player
    > w/factory sound upgrade, and rear spoiler. Routine maintenence has been
    > performed at proper intervals. Car was garaged kept. Engine is the v-6
    > 170hp/200ft-lbs. Warranty is still valid through 5 year 60,000 miles. Never
    > had any problems. Please contact Wes for more information and higher quality
    > pics. asking 11995. shows retail at 12,750.
    > Hello,
    > This is Mike Collier writing in from melbourne as regards the purchase of
    > the abovementioned car and as thus would appreciate it greatly if you could
    > please furnish me details if it is still available for sale , its last
    > asking/selling price for record and confirmation purposes as well as recent
    > pics if any.
    > Do be kind to get back to me asap
    > regards
    > mike

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    Yes, scam

    Just break off contact with the guy, it's absolutely a scam, a common one.

    Actually, he's trying to scam you out of the $4,000 "refund" of his "overpayment", not the car.

    The bank or cashier's check they will send you is a fake. You deposit it in your bank, and since it's a "bank check" your bank will credit your account right away. Then you send the scammer the "refund" from their "overpayment". It takes several weeks for your bank to find out that the check was faked, at which time they will take the $16,000 back out of your account, but then you're still out the $4,000 in real funds you've sent the scammer.

    Once you've sent the $4,000 "refund" to them they're done - they'll never actually come to pick up the car/bike/whatever the victim is selling.

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    Yup, this is just a variation on this scam.

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    long, but very entertaining story of a similar scam. not saying it would work, but it's a fun read.

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    what a joke
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    Total scam. It would not be worth the cost to convert the car to right hand drive. Approx 10K. People import old muscle cars or pickups as there is a market for them there.
    blah blah blah

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