• 07-31-2012
    465mm crown to axle equal to 130mm suspension?
    Would a 465mm crown to axle equal to 130mm suspension fork?

    Universal Cycles -- Identiti Rebate 14/20 Fork
  • 07-31-2012
    My OnOne Inbred specs say "ride geomtry at ride height with 80mm fork sagged to 470mm length".
    In the suspension forum there is a sticky of fork ride heights. Don't forget the height is usually sagged to 80%.
  • 08-01-2012
    Voodoo Cycles Zombie Rigid Fork


    The VOODOO Zombie 500 Rigid Disc Fork is A work of art, impressive looks may persuade you to go rigid!
    Pure Cromoly with 100mm inside spacing all the way up to fit enormous tyres.


    1.6-1.8mm tapered CrMo blades with 1.7" rake
    Fits 26" and 29" wheels, taller axle to crown for a modern geometry
    International Standard 51mm disc tabs (disc only)


    Wheel - 26''/29'' disc only
    Size - 1-1/8'' threadless
    Steerer length - 260mm
    Axle-Crown - 500mm
    Colour - black
    Weight: 3 lbs 7oz / 1.148 Kgs

    from here

    from that info. With a 26 inch wheel 500mm is about the same as a 130mm fork
  • 08-01-2012
    Ha, I assumed 29er. It's a 26.