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    New bike sugestions

    On thursday I received my federal tax return and I want to turn it into a new bike for myself and i'm eying a few fujis I can get for a steal imo so i'm looking for thoughts on these 2 at 1100 for a 2016 Fuji Reveal 1.1 and 1080 + tax (1147.49) for a 2015 Fuji Tahoe 1.5 both are simply equipped but ofc seeing how the reveal is a fs with 140mm front/rear travel and a 15mm thru axle ofc the tahoe is lighter with 100mm definitely more cross country tuned with a minor (or major) benefit of giving a local shop my money vs bikes direct.

    Now my riding style is mostly street but I dont drive so ofc I ride street usually to get to trails there's some close but the better ones are around 7 miles away. I do use my bike for commuting as well with all in my mind does make me lean to the tahoe however the deal on the reval is really hard to ignore. When I ride off road Its pretty rocky and rooty stuff not a ton of dropoffs but there's definitely some I live in new england after all so I can see where 140mm travel will help. I dont ride terribly fast but I do try to push myself faster and faster every single time. There is a cross country race I participated in last year and intend to do again this year call the treasure valley rally on that course it would be helpful to be running fs for sure its really rough ill link a couple videos showing parts of it at the end of this. I want no really want a dam good bike to tackle this course this year hands down I did it last year on a 16 year old 26" ht altho upgraded to decent xc parts. I didn't place at all but did complete it in 1:55:47.3 almost 30 min behind the guy in front of me that's actually a hell of alot more than many who try this course for the first time can say. I wont be running it to gain ranking no point its the only race ill do but I do want to improve my time and maybe just maybe place ahead of someone.

    I am also tempted to go much cheeper and upgrade over time as well allowing me to purchase a friend a brand new bike vs give her my 26er. If I did that it would probably be the Fuji Nevada 27.5 1.6 or the 29er 1.7 version leaving me tons of play money my checks 1196.00. No matter what changes will happen I want my 1x10 drivetrain on the new ride I want my handlebars on it ofc my clipless pedals etc. I'm asking for advice because my mind keeps flip flopping i've also considered buying a used or new frame most likely a fs 26" and building it up with parts I already have + a few new ones but I really want to be on a 27.5 or 29er so I scrapped the used frame idea.

    Sorry for the long ass post i'm trying to give anyone who reads this a good and clear picture of my goals/riding style.

    Highlights: EFTA Treasure Valley Rally 2016
    2016 TVR Rally novice view from the back
    Funny interview with one of the pros describing the course

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    I just ordered a Fuji Reveal 1.1 from bikes direct for $1099 shipped. I'll let you know how it rides when I get it in next week. I think it's a really stout bike for a novice like myself. A great starting point that doesn't really need a lot of upgrades going forward as opposed to the 1.3.

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