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    Hey guys, I found a 2010 fuji nevada 4.0

    Im new to mtb and was looking for some info. Im a big guy 6'3" 288lbs and have a back injury, so I will be riding road and a little gravel at most. Im gonna change the stem and bars so Ill be more upright to add some comfort to my ride. Well Ive looked up reviews and they are mixed, some say the nevada 1.0,2.0 3.0 and 5.0 are better than the 4.0; Id assumed that the higher the number the better the bike? Also the pics Ive seen show disks brakes but this stock 2010 shows v brakes, its totally stock. Are the pics Im looking at of upgraded bikes? Which bike in totally stock form (the nevadas) are best? I like the look of the 4.0, the size is xl so it fits well. I want to buy it, but just want to make sure the nevada 4.0 is upgradable and a good bike. So, I guess in short could you rank the nevadas (2010's) for me? I was so excited to find the 4.0 model, now Im wondering if its the model I want. If they are all close and upgradeable no worries, but if its the worst of the bunch..... Ill pass. Thanks for the help!!! Ive been posting all over asking different questions about this and that, new or used, and decided on used, found the bike I thought fit the bill, I hope Im right! Please let me know!! Later Will.
    Fuji Nevada 4.0 W/Surge hard forks. I sit very up-right due to my back injury.

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    Hello, I am also new at MTB at I recently bought a 2011 Nevada 3.0. One thing I know for sure is that the lower the # the better the Nevada is. So far I love my bike. I go to trails at least 3 times a week and its holding up pretty good. Check Fujis site and you can see the specs. Hope it helps

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    Yep! Checked the site, and mine is a new nevada 4.0 with upgradeable disks brakes option. It was literally brand new! I paid 200.00, I hope this was a good deal. It looks like the frames are the same, but the shocks and components are different. So far so good, the bike store guy couldnt believe I bought it used and for 200. so I think Im on the right track!
    Fuji Nevada 4.0 W/Surge hard forks. I sit very up-right due to my back injury.

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