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    Fuji build Motobecane bikes?

    I was told on other room Fuji build Motobecane bikes, it this true? If so, why so much cheaper over Fuji bike shop and Perfomance Bike Shop?

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    I just checked all 12 of your posts...

    .... and for the life of me, I can't find any thread that says Fuji makes Motobecane bikes. In fact, some pretty reliable resources here on mtbr have suggested to you that Kinesis builds Motobecane frames. This makes a lot of sense, because many companies go to Kinesis and other mass manufacturers and have them make their bikes, and slap their name on it. I don't ever recall hearing that Fuji manufactures frames for anyone.

    If I were you, I'd call it a day and accept that Motobecane is probably made by Kinesis.

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    Motobecane frames and bikes are built by Ideal in Taiwan. Ideal is the primary shareholder in Advancedsports.

    Why the price difference? Overhead, sponsored riders, marketing, premium branding, IBD network. Those are some of the reasons other brands cost more.

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