Ok, so I'm new to the Fuji club, just bought a used 08 Fuji reveal frame. I'm currently building it up and want to know if anyone is running the 2x10 drivetrain or know if it's possible? Looking more specifically at the SRAM 26-39 chainrings on a 10 speed crank. I emailed Fuji and got a really quick response!

'We took a look at the technical specs on sram 2x10 cranks. We do not think they will fit onto a 2008 reveal. The chainring clearance on the frame looks to be too narrow to accept the crank. As for the front der, that doesn't seem to be an issue but without the cranks it becomes a moot point."

So it's looking like a no go, but I wanted to get a response if someone has actually tried the new drivetrains. Also, how would I measure the frame to see if there is enough clearance and where do I find SRAM's clearance specs?