YouTube Videos of Frame Building School-
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    YouTube Videos of Frame Building School

    I was able to take a lot of videos of the Steel Brazing and TIG Steel Frame Building classes at United Bicycle Institute last month. I uploaded the playlist here:

    I was surprised to learn that one uses the lay wire technique for TIG welding the bicycle tubes. I was also surprised that (1) you can't braze on titanium, (2) how thin the bicycle tubing is, (3) how difficult it is to TIG weld acute angles, (5) one can silver solder the seat stays where they meet the seat tube, (6) the great extent of heat distortion after both TIG welding and brazing, (7) how messy flux is, (8) both silver and brass filler material are used for bicycle frame building, (9) to use only as much brass filler wire as necessary, (10) what a poor welder I am at this point, and (11) how expensive silver wire is.

    I also learned what a file card is, how important it is to have a good drawing (we used a full scale paper drawing). I also learned about bottom bracket drop and tube selection (and the vendors who sell them).

    All in all, the school was a lot of hard work, but it was an amazing experience to build two frames.

    I was also surprised to learn that they used 1/16" tungsten and (mostly) .045" ER70S-2.

    At the school, they always used a gas lens, #12 cup and WP-9 torch. They had Miller Maxstar welders set to 150-160A max, 1.4-2.1 PPS, 20-30% on time and 10% background current.

    I made a huge mistake not taking written notes in class. I mistakenly assumed that I would absorb more information if I listened intently without taking notes. However, there was more information than I could absorb so I had to ask about details that he had already gone over.

    It was a stretch to fit all of the material covered in a 10 day class. It seemed to me that 11 days (or time available to work in the evenings) would have been reasonable, but I understand that this would increase the cost.

    I am currently looking to buy a horizontal mill (used, locally) to get started. Until then, I have no problem mitering the tubes by hand. That seems like it would be a real challenge for the chain and seat stays, though.

    The brazing process was easier, in my opinion, but the flux is just so messy so I will make my first few (steel) frames using TIG.

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    I was also surprised how long it takes to ream a seat tube.

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