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    Will my head tube manage the increased load?

    Hi guys,
    If it is not here that most of the frame technology-competent folks dwell then where. Please kindly provide your expert judgement.

    I have an aluminium Intense 5.5 FRO c. 2008 in size M which has already been slackened with offsetbushings by approx. 1.5 degrees. it is 140mm front and rear travel. Here are the original geometry specs.

    Question - if I inserted a 10mm-tall crown race under my head tube, would the risks of breaking my frame be too high?

    Note, the FRO version does NOT have the under-top-tube/head tube junction gusset as opposed to EVP version. This kinda suggests to me the designers were already somewhat concerned about this area, making it a standard reinforcement for the general purpose EVP.

    Other inputs: I am 178cm (5'10'') tall, weigh 74 kilos w/o gear, do not ride too aggressively but do jumps and drops up to 4-5 feet high. I don't ride high speeds and 90% of my rides are purely trail type. The other 10% will be park but no double diamonds or big air if you know what I mean.

    What do you reckon, will I break my frame?

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    Itíll be fine. Go for it.

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