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    Wanted to buy: used framebuilding tools (specifics in body)

    First off, I just found out that Walt is no longer the moderator of this forum. Damn! Such a great guy, I am saddened by this news.

    OK, on to the point of this post. I would love to have a Baileigh TN-300 tube notcher and a Pro Tools 3 roll bender, but can't really justify buying either one new right now. I have searches set up for both items on eBay, but no luck so far. Any other ideas as to where I might search for these used tools online?


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    At that price of the Bailegh you might as well buy a mill. If your on the constant look you can pick one up for 1500 or so in decent condition. I just got a 64' bridgeport last summer and super happy to have it. You can do all your notching and so much more. You can likely find a benchtop enco mill for good price too. As for the roller, just pick up the harbor freight 3 roller and you can get add-ons from swag offroad tools , to upgrade as you need. I have used the harbor freight for plenty of curved top tubes and seat stays.
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    I get what your saying, Andrew. The price of the Baileigh is steep considering its limited function. What I like about it is that it uses single-phase 110 volt power, is dead simple to use, has a small footprint, and is lightweight. I used one at a friend's shop, that's where I got the idea. I wonder if any other manufacturers make something similar. I see plenty of cheaper options that are powered by a hand drill or drill press, but they seem vastly inferior. I'm an unapologetic tool snob.

    As for the roll bender, I'm open to cheaper options like you suggested. Thanks!

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