Re-using rear half of old frame.-
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    Re-using rear half of old frame.

    Hi guys,
    I've done a lot of searching and reading, and this project seems feasable to me, but maybe im missing something.

    I would like to start down the frame building track, by cutting everything forward of the seat tube off a 90's true temper KHS hardtail frame, and brazing on a new front end to make the bike longer, add a tapered steerer, and move to 27.5inch wheels to match my other bike.
    Mainly using this project as a toe in the water, to see how I go, then maybe progress to a full frame build in the future.

    The fixed rear end angles would probably bring in some geometry compromises, but is it worth having a go?
    I have test fitted the rear end with a 27.5 wheel+tyre, and it seems to have enough clearance.
    Thanks for any input.

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    So long as you are aware of the compromises, and you appear to be, go ahead. Many a project has been done this way. Just have fun and learn from the experience.

    If I don't make an attempt, how will I know if it will work?

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    I'm with Eric here that it's fine to do. I even did this once myself using a frame that was broken after a certain mod made some unwise choices with fork design. I was keeping the same wheel size but I was trying to tweak the geometry. I ended up doing the opposite of what I had intended and ended up with a ~73 deg HA. Awesome.

    Also, be warned that filing/grinding tubes off of an existing frame, while not *that* hard, is still way more difficult than it seems like it should be. I.e. what you propose is easier than building a complete bike, but may not save as much time as you'd hope.

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    Just make sure you get everything really clean before you start brazing new tubes on. Fumes from old paint and crud are no bueno and the tubes will get hot pretty far away from where you're melting bronze.

    Otherwise, yeah, do it. Worst case scenario you ruined a $10 frame and learned something, right?


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