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    Oxygen Concentrator Pressure?

    I posted a question about Oxy/Acetylene tank sizing, and ended up convinced to go for a concentrator/Propane setup.

    There are some locally available concentrators for sale that can create up to 5psi.
    For a bit more, I can grab a unit from Products
    that will do much more

    All units seem to do 5-10 LPM volume.

    Will the 5psi be enough? If not, which unit should I go with from the link above?

    I have a note from somewhere that flash arrestors will not function at such low psi. Is this true? Does no one make a low pressure flash arrestor?

    Should I use flash arrestors with a concentrator? I don't fully understand the mechanics of the device and don't know if there is an explosives risk...

    Thanks all! Hoping to pick up or order one in the next day or two.

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    A 5 LPM oxygen concentrator is all you need. If I am using a Victor #2 tip, I set my concentrator at just over 3 lpm. If I switch to a #3 for bigger joints, I set the lpm to a bit over 4. Of course this setting is also based on how strong my propane is flowing.

    I don't think you need a flashback arrestor on a concentrator. It is not under concentrated pressure like a tank. I use the Victor check valves on the end of my torch handle for protection.

    For several reasons I think using propane with an oxygen concentrator is the best option for many people. Propane is more convenient in places and hours to buy and easier to transport. It is also cheaper and a BBQ tank lasts much longer than my big acetylene tank. Of course a concentrator doesn't have expense or need to be exchanged for another once it is bought and doesn't require the extra expense of a regulator. It is acceptable to use in some places a LWS won't deliver acetylene tanks.

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    Thanks Doug. I had read of your success with a 5LPM machine, but I never saw you mention what sort of pressure it puts out.

    I'm curious about the PRESSURE that the machine can put out. Seems to be a big deal to the lampworker folks in combination with the LPM. Maybe it only becomes an issue with a long restrictive hose run? or when pushing through a tiny oriface? Neither of these will be an issue for me.

    This place has solid reviews from the lampworker crowd. Products

    Which of the machines offered would be best? The cheapest (5LPM @up tp 10psi) is 225 plus 65 shipping and they go up from there. 3 year warranty and lifetime support...

    Are there advantages to having higher volume or pressure available? I will be fillet brazing using cycle designs flux and filler if that makes any difference...

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    I have a Devilbiss 515 model. Somewhere I read it has a higher output (I don't know if that is lpm or psi) than other 5 lpm brands. It certainly works for me. Like I said I use a setting somewhere north and south of 4 lpm and it is plenty. I think it can be cranked up to over 8 lpm although the gauge doesn't show beyond 5. I paid $350 for mine with a $35 shipping fee from PA to MI. I understand the newer 525 model is quieter. I don't know if other models have as easy a hook up. On mine I could unscrew the plastic barb outlet which reveled a standard size "B" brass hose fitting.

    I don't know anything about how much psi my unit puts out. I have mine hooked up to 12' of rubber hose and 10' of lightweight TM hose. Works great with any of my torches. The Dotmed site has gazillions (the actual number right now is 831) of concentrators in their classified adds. There are some cheap ones among the expensive ones.

    I use a Victor #2 or Smith AW207 tip when doing fillet brazing with propane. In this case I put a little extra oxygen in the flame. Of course I should add it is a little easier for me to use oxyacetylene fillet brazing but I can switch between the two without difficulties. The hotter flame allows me to heat up a more specific local area. In reality there isn't that much difference.

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