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    Opinions of The Bicycle Academy LCFF

    I'm currently in the market for a new jig. It seems that in the UK there aren't loads of options sub 2000.
    One of the most obvious is the low cost frame fixture by the bicycle academy. It seems OK and is cheap compared to others.
    Does anyone have any experience with the jig?

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    I was looking at the same frame jig a year or so ago but decided to build my own.

    I bought all my Oxy Propane gear (including bottles), built my jig and first frame for less than the cost of the basic LCFF kit, to which you need to add steel tubing , dummy axle and possibly more.

    It was all done with nothing more than a bench drill except for the cones and the bottom bracket post which I machined on my small lathe. It didnt take long to do - all the extrusions and plates were ordered in cut to size, it was mostly just drilling and bolting together.

    It would be difficult (but not impossible) without a lathe but you could buy a small lathe to build your jig and it will still turn out cheaper overall!

    Building my own jig was nearly as satisfying as building a frame :-)

    Good luck whatever you decide to do.

    Opinions of The Bicycle Academy LCFF-frame-jig.jpg

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    You can check out the Benchmark jig , I have it and its quite good was an upgrade from my henry james access 65. I was going to build my own but , my time is limited as is, so I was more inclined to purchase so I can get on with building frames. I know a few other builders who are using. Its an 80/20 platform but has all you need and is well thought out for a lower cost jig.
    Andrew Cooper
    Bicycle Fabrication Supply - Let's Build More Bikes

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