Machining integrated headtubes to accept zs headset?-
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    Machining integrated headtubes to accept zs headset?

    I have a 2018 Santa cruz chameleon aluminum hardtail. It has an integrated headset. I'd really like to run a -2* works headset, but obviously, i can't since this frame is machined to accept an integrated headset.

    Im curious if there's a way to machine my head tube to accept a works conponents angleset?

    Im trying to get my headset closer to 65*

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    Is there a way to do it? Sure. Assuming the wall thickness is sufficient, it the headtube could be enlarged with a boring head on a mill. Or I guess through patient use of 1 or more reamers. However, the closest angleset or works headset that seems to be available is for ZS44/ZS56. The Chameleon has a IS41/IS52 headset. So you'd need to increasing the upper and lower diameter by 3 and 4mm, respectively. I don't know what the wall thickness is on that frame, but decreasing the headtube wall thickness by 1.5 and 2mm sure sounds like a lot, even for Al. Probably not a good idea.

    The other thing you could do would be to put a really long fork on it. You could probably get most of the way there with a 170 or 180 fork. I'm guessing Santa Cruz would be non-too-pleased with this solution as their spec is a 120-140 fork. Though you could always ask if that's for handling reasons or for strength reasons. If they're okay with it, you could get back some of the BB drop by using 27.5 wheels. Maybe not what you want anyway.

    To be clear, I don't think either of these is a particularly good idea.

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    Thanks for the excellent info! Ive tried running a 160 gork on it for a day or two. It wasnt worth it. Seat angle was slacker, bb higher, and felt weird with that much travel.

    I wonder if someone could fabricate a spacer that could sit in integrated headset "cups" and either accept another headset type, or at least shift the fork enough to change the hta and keep an integrated style. Basically, just moving the bearings outboard of the frame.

    I love everything about the bike except the hta. Its definitely rideable and fun as is, but id like it even more with a slacker front end.

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