I have an old Henry James Universal frame jig which I used to build my first frame. I recently went to start my second frame and I cannot find the instruction manual for the jig anywhere. It's gone. I've torn the house and garage apart and can't find it anywhere. I don't know if my kids took it and used it for coloring pages or a wormhole opened up beneath it and sucked it into an alternate universe, but I cannot find it.

The setup was kind of tricky and there were a bunch of conversion charts in the back of the manual that I need. I only built one frame on it, so I can't remember everything.

I have reached out to Henry James a few weeks ago, but they haven't been able to get me what I need so far. I'm still hoping they can help, however this jig is probably close to thirty years old, so....

Is anyone else out there building on a Henry James Universal jig? If so, would you be willing to scan your manual and share it with me? It would be very much appreciated.Looking for a Henry James frame jig manual-jigpic.jpg