Is this frame compromised?-
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    Is this frame compromised?

    I think the price is high regardless, but do you think the frame could be made to work?

    Or is it a permanent wall hanger at this point?

    The tubes have not buckled. But bent is bent. And could buckle if tried to bend back....

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    Aluminum doesn’t “bend back” it cracks & fails. Wall hanger.

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    Any reason built bikes are worth $100, but the moment they are stripped they are worth gold?

    Struggling to find an “aggressive-ish” hardtail stripped frame for cheap. Heck, about any hardtail frame with a headtube at or over 44 seems to be pricey.

    few weeks back i wanted a particular FS rear triangle. Cheapest i could find was $350 plus $150 shipping (wow!). So I bought a complete bike for 500 and got new cranks, wheels, disc brakes, and an upgraded fork. Oh, and that rear triangle.

    Pull all the parts, and the price goes up!

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    No good

    That is definitely a wall hanger or recycling bin.

    Look at the seat post clamp--THAT is what you should never do--close the seat post qr clamp without a seat post inserted. Instant fatigue and eventually that frame will crack and fail-pun intended

    Edited to add: if you're looking for an exceptional frame at a really good price, then become friends with a racer or lbs employee. Both seem to upgrade their stable frequently and typically price their gear below market value.

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    I don't need exceptional. I just want to find a frame I can put all my spare stuff on since I found 100% of a bike's worth of stuff in my bin. It would be nice to have a hardtail that climbs better than my FS bike but can still kinda-sorta descend.

    Something that isn't a beach cruiser or geo so old the seat tube is 12" higher than the head tube. Only big challenge is my wheels are 26 and steerer 1.5". Any frame covering that seems to be $350-$750+. Which makes it hard because entire bikes of this kind are going for $200!

    Figured if I could find someone's take-off stripped frame for like $50, I got me a climbin' bike. Not so easy!

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