Fillet brazers: alignment checks and cold setting-
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    Fillet brazers: alignment checks and cold setting

    Do you wait until you are done with the fillets before checking alignment and doing any cold-setting, if necessary? Or do you do an alignment check/cold-set both after tacking and after creating the fillets?

    It seems to me it would be beneficial to check alignment after tacking the frame. Isn't cold-setting easier to do post-tack vs post-fillet? Or is this a waste of time, because creating the fillets has a much greater effect on alignment than the tacking process?

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    Does anyone building with a jig actually cold set their frames?

    I checked the first couple frames out of my jig post tack and post braze and they were all spot on in both cases.

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    I would suggest that until you have built a few frames and therefore a level of confidence in how your brazing pans out, that you check constantly, at all times through-out the build. Less mistakes that way.

    Sometimes its the simple pieces that will catch you out, eg: bridges, they can pull the drop-outs into centre because the heat used on the inside of the stays causes a slight shrinkage and therefore bends the stay inwards a little, even in a jig. I have found Uni-crown fork blades do the same, but I have no problem with socket type fork crowns.

    If I don't make an attempt, how will I know if it will work?

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    I check after the ST/BB Then after the front triangle then after I have the rear triangle on and all of the bridges.
    Especially after I get the CS bridge the rear end tends to kind of jump around on me... (maybe I should spend a little more time on my bridge miter?)
    Oh and I do all of my cold setting BEFORE I drill the holes for the bottle brazes.
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