Designing a frame similar to the Tumbleweed Prospector?-
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    Designing a frame similar to the Tumbleweed Prospector?

    I'm scoping my next frame, with the plan to replace 2 bikes with this 1, and have been very interested in the Tumbleweed Prospector:

    Bikes — Tumbleweed Bicycle Co.

    I like that the hub spacing is 135mm front and rear, the variety of wheel/tire combos it can run (despite the drivetrain limitations), and it's suspension corrected. I tend to be a little A.D.D with my bikes, so a frame that can be a bit of a "Mr. PotatoHead" would put me in a happy place...and I don't have to negotiate with the wife over yet another bike; slipping in a wheelset build is far easier!

    What I don't like:
    • price - $1500 for a "Made in Taiwan" steel frameset is approaching custom frame cost
    • EBB - my past history with EBBs (Bushnell) has not been great

    Considering these 2 issue, I may look into having a custom frame and fork built. My question is regarding the yoke at the bottom bracket. It seems that Tumbleweed put a lot of development into this and made it a hollow casting to both clear a 26x4" tire, but clear crank arms on a 73mm BB shell in a symmetrical frame. Is it possible for a custom builder to duplicate this yoke, or has Tumbleweed done something pretty unique here that would be difficult/impossible to duplicate?

    My thought was to basically clone a Prospector but to fit me, delete the EBB, and use Paragon (Rocker?) dropouts to tension the chain to run SS or IGH.

    This is just me thinking out loud. I've never looked into a custom frame before, so I'm not clear on what is possible.

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    Many framebuilders have experience building frames with a simple plate yoke to get more clearance between the tire and chainring. Take a browse through Waltworks Instagram and you'll see a bunch of different ways to do it.

    Paragon Machine Works sells a yoke that's designed for 3" tires but could be modified. Oakes Manufacturing also sells a split yoke. Warning: both of these are very expensive parts that might make the Tumblweed's price look more reasonable.

    The other option is just use longer chainstays, which might make sense for a touring bike or if you're really tall.

    Ideally, you can find a framebuilder who builds the kind of bikes you want, communicate your goals for what the bike can do, and let them figure out the right solution.

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