Custom frame builder in SF Bay needed to fabricate rear triangle for a full suspensio-
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    Custom frame builder in SF Bay needed to fabricate rear triangle for a full suspensio

    I have a Canfield The One. Amazing bike but the BB is too low for pedaling through chunk and it's 26". I'd like too fabricate a rear triangle that would accept a 27.5" wheel. It may simply require moving the dropouts back .5" or so. This would raise the BB too. Does anyone know of a custom frame builder that could make something like this for me?

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    I'm no authority here...

    jigging up a rear triangle is no small feat. The preparation/set up work is far more time consuming than the production. You're gonna find that paying what it costs for this to be done properly is going to make the project nonviable. I'd be surprised if anyone would want to take on the risks of building something with so many unknowns.

    It's worth noting that short dual link designs are extremely fussy when it comes to locating the pivots. The tolerances need to be bang-on to reproduce the suspension behavior. It's like the worst rear triangle you could want to have replicated.

    The One is an AWESOME frame. The best the previous era had to offer. It has warts, but they're the reason it's so excellent in other ways. Enjoy it for what it is. This being nonviable is a blessing in disguise.

    I broke my 2006 balance rear triangle in 2015 and i miss that frame so much.
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    I've done this kind of thing before. The hours involded just won't make it economically viable to re-make an entire swing arm. I've no idea what a Canfield drop out looks like, but unless you can do some sort of bolt on adapter, i'd forget about it.

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    I agree that making a new rear triangle is almost certainly going to be more expensive and less good than just buying a new frame.

    If you want to raise the BB, you might achieve that with a longer fork, and/or a larger front wheel. Or perhaps you can install a longer rear shock in the frame. If the frame has good tire clearance, perhaps there's already room for a 27.5" wheel, or a taller tire. Though it won't actually raise the BB, shorter cranks will gain you some ground clearance.
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    I appreciate your responses. I already have short crank arms and a fox 40, so not a lot of room to increase BB height by those methods. It might accept a 27.5 wheel with a small tire, but I don't really want to go there. I bought a frame cheap that had been broken and repaired. Here's a picture of the rear triangle. I'm trying to think of a way to modify it as its a spare.Custom frame builder in SF Bay needed to fabricate rear triangle for a full suspensio-1580839388865927754265.jpg

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    I bought a carbon frame with no rear suspension. No problem, I'm a designer, I have a CAD system and a CNC mill, I can make anything out of aluminum. Well, the suspension arms are almost done now, after months of design and machining. I didn't work on it full time, but it is an incredible amount of work to make everything fit.

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