The curious feeling of seeing y'alls work in the wild.-
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    The curious feeling of seeing y'alls work in the wild.

    In my long term pursuit of developing a new type of gearbox transmission for mountain bikes, I have gained an odd behavior. I check out everyone's bike in public. I view it as guerilla market research.

    The other day I saw a guy ride by on a Waltworks bike and I was like oh @#$* I wanna talk to that dude. I asked if I could ride his bike for a few curb hops and whatever, and he obliged, taking my bike as collateral. Conveniently, this man was very similar in stature to me, though my legs are weaker.

    What the flying @#$* I have never ridden a bike that fit so well. Thing felt like some kind of rocket ship. It became clear to me that what I've been doing for my own fitment is not dialed, and that almost none of my learning so far has been focused on this rather important thing, and that I have work to do. Which is sort of convenient that I've only been producing components, but, you know... cautionary tale to myself for the path ahead.

    Anyway, the whole chance encounter had one of those "check out that sweet muscle car" moments, but in some obscure sort of way.
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    Must’ve been a fluke

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    1. Know thy enemy
    2. Measure all your bikes
    3. Get on everything you can until you can predict accurately.

    A bike is a system. Looking at just parts is how the industry makes money. For high performance, you need to look at the bike as a whole and make it all work together as best it can.

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    Those things are junk. Placebo effect.


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    I've done similar

    local fast ride, swapped bikes with the fastest dude that day... could not ride it, felt like an absolute dog. like, no way can I move this thing at a reasonable clip

    back on my bike which fits, and his bike fits him, we can rip. bike fit really matters and the correct fit really opens things up
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    it is definitely interesting. my handlebar position is changing, slightly, because of droppers. I can get so low and now basically can't ride tech trail without a dropper. so the bars are lower by a wee bit, cos I can get lower as a whole. veeeeeery interesting!

    things are always evolving...
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    oh, and Walt, looking forward to seeing that 29+ bomber you've just built. it sounds pretty out there....
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