Chainstay internal routing-
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    Chainstay internal routing

    I know internal cable routing is a very marmite subject, you either love, or hate it. Personally i appreciate it for its clean lines, but this post is more about my lack of knowledge of structural strength or drilling holes in small tubes!

    So i currently have internal routing in my downtube, and am considering wether to run my disc hose / gear cable along the top of my chainstay, or to go internal. Realistically i shouldn't even be having this thought, because its all for about 9" of cable. Anyway, heres some pictures. you can see the black ovals which are rough approximations of where i will cut. I'm planning on using the same style of cap as pictured, but will have to re-work it significantly to get it to match the tube radius. Am i significantly weakening the stay by cutting a hole in it, bearing in mind that the steel tube and also the cap will all be silver soldered together.

    Chainstay internal routing-img_1084.jpgChainstay internal routing-img_1086.jpgChainstay internal routing-img_1087.jpgChainstay internal routing-img_1085.jpgChainstay internal routing-img_1088.jpgChainstay internal routing-img_1089.jpgChainstay internal routing-img_1090.jpg

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    There are enough frames out there with cracked right chainstays coming off the chainstay bridge that we know that area is well stressed. And there's no argument that a hole will weaken the tube. The cap will help it out, but I'm not sure anyone can say how much.

    That's a crowded spot to run a cable - any chance it might hit the derailleur cage? But it looks like it's going to be there either way so I assume you're good.

    What about water spray? You've got a hole facing up around where the tires are.

    All in all, if you want to do it, the decision isn't compromising the rest of the bike design. If it cracks you can replace the stay if you like the bike, and if you don't anymore it goes in the rafters and you've gained some practice and insight.

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    if you do that make the entrance and exit on the side of the tube not on the top or bottom
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    "and if you don't anymore it goes in the rafters" Ha ha, i can't argue with that, top outlook. I shall remember that next time something goes t1ts up!!

    Front mech clearance isn't an issue, i'm running single ring and an MTB wide range cassette. It's defo a water trap, but i store my bike vertical so water shouldn't be sat in there for too long.

    I'll make the hole in the chain stay a very good fit for tube, and then ensure cap is again a very good fit, this should ensure that capillary action makes all 3 items as well connected as possible.

    Exits can be on side of tube to give me a nice routing, entrances are kind of limited, and also right in probably the highest stress area??

    I suppose i know it's not ideal, but i kind of want the look. heart>brain

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    If you don‘t go crazy on size of the hole and you use a proper technique, chance of crack a few cm from rear axle is extremely small. Chainstays usually crack near BB cause thats where are the forces strong on the joint points between front and rear triangle.

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    Thanks for that Tristan, I ended up swapping to a thicker gauge chainstay after chatting to someone who’s done it before a few times. Am confident it will last.

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