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    Building my fatbike

    Hello, i'm french rider from britanny.
    There were 6 months, i decided to try buildind my own frame.
    i started to draw it with Rattlecad.

    Building my fatbike-fat-bike-project.jpg

    February, Colombus tubes arrived at Home.

    March to july were OFF: too much work... But it permit to finalize my project: geometry,internal routing, 44mm head tube, carbon fork...

    07.15.2015: building was beginning:

    Wheelbase tubing work:

    Day 2:

    Day 3:

    First building:


    Frame: Colombus Zona, weight 2.2kgs
    Fork: chinese Carbon : 620g
    Wheelset: Origin 8 60mm; 170mm rear, 135 front.
    Hope tech M4 brakes.
    Reverb stealth post in waiting
    Total weight: 13.2kgs

    Not really finished: polished and paint are in stand by.
    I'm happy like a young kid at Cristmas!!!
    First bike named: Ange (angel in english) ,godfather name who helped me a lot.thx

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    I am not a fillet brazing expert but I'm pretty sure that is not enough bronze to be safe to ride.


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    I concur;

    I'm not a brazer either, but I feel the main tube fillets - at the least - need to be more substantial, unless the bike is only lightly ridden. Easy to fix.

    Congrats on your effort!!!
    Most people ply the Well Trodden Path. A few seek a different way, and leave a Trail behind.
    - John Hajny, a.k.a. TrailMaker

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    I agree with the above 2 replies, Does not look like enough LFB... Also looks like there may be too much heat on those joints.

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    thx guys. I heard your advice:

    Heat for seat tube: probably!!! hope it doesn't broke.

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    I can't tell from those last pictures you posted (very fuzzy), but you might still be a bit small on the fillets. If that's the case, adding more may or may not be a good thing (heating 3x).

    In general, it's relatively easy to make a fillet joint that appears to be strong enough. E.g. with a very small fillet you can in some/many cases put a joint in a vise and bend the tube while the joint will hold, while the same joint will fail in fatigue if you ride it awhile -- keep an eye out for cracks! Though I personally have no experience with this

    Really like your SS attachment, BTW.

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