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    brazeon location data

    Hey everyone.

    Does anyone know of a chart, PDF, spreadsheet or the like that outlines where things such as brake posts, bridges and other critically placed brazeons go? Including information that might outline where bosses would go for racks (low mount, traditional, etc).

    Thanks for any help, Wil

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    There's no single document that I know of that will help. If you want to get more specific then we can probably give you some numbers.

    For instance, you ask for numbers for brake posts. What type of brakes? Cantis, centerpulls, sidepulls, ISO disc, post mount disc, flat mount disc. Each brake type has it's own location. And sometimes even a brand has a special requirement.

    Bridges are for mounting fenders and side pull brakes if you're building a road bike. You don't need bridges if your bike won't run fenders or use sidepull brakes. If you're running fenders but not sidepull brakes, then you'll want to position the bridges at least 20mm away the largest tire you plan to run. You need to keep a safe gap between fender and tire. If you're going to use sidepull brakes then the brake model you use will determine where to place the seatstay bridge.

    Bosses for racks go where they go to properly mount the racks you have in mind to use. If you're building the racks yourself, then design the racks and place the bosses accordingly. If you're using off the shelf racks, buy them first, measure them, and then place the bosses in the right spots. When I add lowrider mounts on my forks, I refer to the specs listed by Tubus for their Tara rack because that's what I use.

    Other braze-ons like housing stops and guides can go pretty much anywhere you like. The easiest solution is to measure some existing bikes to get an idea of what works well and looks good.

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    SRAM seems to do the best at posting their specs in their 'Frame Fit Specification' documents:

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