Change Bike Frame DF-833B 19" (specs & built)-
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    New question here. Change Bike Frame DF-833B 19" (specs & built)

    Hi, first time post here, and long time not been on a cycle. Here is a bit of background first...

    I used to have a very sweet Trek 8700 (not a folding bike), which I had specced out with everything possible to make it light (this is back in 1992), and unfortunately lost it. So now I am a few years older, and not going to do much aggressive MTB'ing, but still like to have the option to go off on trails in the hills here. Since I also increasingly like to accompany our little one on the bike, I needed something that fits into a car. But I really prefer the full size wheels, so I looked at Montague initially. I would have gone with them, if they only replied to my communications (emails/tweets unanswered, no response by phone, and no real representative here in Spain, where I could see the bike).

    So Change it is. I ordered it from the UK, after talking to them on the phone. They confirmed that they received a shipment of frames and bikes on the 10th of Oct 2020, so I would not have to wait too long for it - lets hope thats correct.

    So whilst I eagerly await the delivery of my frame, I have started looking around at the parts to put on it. I will not ride aggressively downhill, but mostly urban, with some gravel roads and the occasional trail. But I want a light bike. Obviously hope to balance weight savings and cost (dont think it makes sense to buy titanium bolts and screws!).

    I am looking at spending around the same amount on parts as on the frame (frame was 669 Euro). I think the main place to save weight will be wheels, cranks and groupset. I intend to use only one ring at the front and no suspension fork. Hoping to get it to below 11kg.

    In case anyone is looking for some specs, I have just confirmed them with the producer in Taiwan:

    - acceptable wheel size: 27.5”, tire max. 2.1
    - seatpost seatpost is 31.6
    - bottom bracket: 68mm, threaded BSA
    - headset diameter and style: we will attach a headset for you with the frame.
    - acceptable fork diameter and length (for the 19” size) fork 1.5T tapered length 470mm

    If anyone has suggestions or thoughts on this built please let me know here. Also not sure where to buy bits, but currently looking at, which seems to have good pricing and a wide range of components. Has anyone ordered from them?

    I hope to keep this threat updated until the bike is complete.

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    UPDATE 1:

    The frame has arrived.

    In the meantime I am considering the following items, hopefully keeping the whole bike under 10kg:

    Frame Change DF-833 2600
    groupset SRAM NX Eagle 12V DUB 2051
    breaks Clarkes M2 Black 857
    tires Maxxis Tread Lite 27.5 1220
    fork Specialized Sworks Carbon 29 550
    seatpost MASSI 31.6 170
    saddle Sillin Fizik Aliante TEAM 260
    wheels Mavic Crossmax 27.5 front 776
    Mavic Crossmax 27.5 back 930
    stem MSC 195
    handlebar MSC 148
    Bottom Bracket (need to check) 112
    headset First
    Total 9869
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Change Bike Frame DF-833B 19" (specs & built)-img_20201106_092203.jpg  

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