I know the 2004 Foes DHS Mono (not the 2.1) used a 11.25x3.0 curnutt shock which bolted directly to the swingarm.

The later ones (as the 2.1's came out), had the lower shock mount further into the frame and you also had a sperical bearing that could adjust the length of the shock. What's the eye-to-eye length of the shock for those later DHS Mono frames??

Second, does someone have a picture of the lower shock mount on one of these later model swingarms?? My plan is to possibly get one of these frames and then have an Avalanche shock made for it. I just want to make sure it's possible before I do anything.

While we're at it... based on what I've seen, the DHS Mono medium had an effective toptube of 23". Is that the recommended size for someone that's 5'11"??