Problem with Curnutt XTD Air shock-
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    Problem with Curnutt XTD Air shock

    Hello there!

    After a few short rides on my new 2:1 4x I decided that the suspension works kinda weird, so I went down to check the pressure and such.

    The main air chamber pressure was quite fine, at 50PSI which is okay for my weight (around 60kg in all gear), but the bottoming control chamber had this problem I've not noticed before:
    upon attaching the pump I've noticed it has extremely low pressure, around 20PSI. I remember pumping it to the recommended level of 55PSI before the first ride, so I got the pressure back to that level.

    Upon disengaging the air pump i've heard this "pshh-hh" noise and saw the manometer gauge drop to zero. I do realise that some air is due to escape, but not everything! I've never had such issues with any RockShox or Fox air hardware so this is kinda weird.

    I do actually have a 32TALAS fork right now and the pump works perfectly fine with it.

    After playing for quite a long time with the pump and shock (connecting the pump just enough to start providing some air, pumping the shock to 100PSI, then quickly disconnecting the pump), I kinda managed to hook the pressure at about ~60, but I could never do the accurate adjustment, which is quite dissapointing.

    Both chambers hold the air just fine when pumped, so this might be just a faulty nipple.

    So please tell me If I am doing something wrong here or this is really an issue which requires further consdering. Thanks alot in advance.

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    I've got a similar problem with my older XTD Curnutt. In fact it finally got so bad that it lost all the air as I was just trying to check pressure before a ride.

    I called Foes and they suggested replacing the pin inside the Shrader valve. this did the trick it seemed, as it held air perfectly in the bike shop. But when I brought it back home and put it back on my bike, put the same shock pump I'd been using to it (Top Peak) it let all the air out again--now I think the shock pump is somehow loosening or damaging the little pin valve inside the Shrader. Today I will replace it again and buy a new pump.

    Unfortunately for me, I rode on it with no air for a few miles uphill, and then once I discovered the problem, I still had to get back down.

    Foes told me that the shock probably needs to be rebuilt...again. ):


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