Foes front fork trouble-
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    Foes front fork trouble

    Hey I just got an 01 Foes downhill rig. I will post a pic as quick as I can but I cant get a shock pump to engage the valve for the left fork where it sits on top by the handlebars. I hope somebody has any knowledge on this problem because it driving me crazy. there is no pressure in the left fork but I was wondering if that matters.

    Also I have 100 psi in the right fork (which is uneven obviously) but I am wondering what damage that might cause

    Thanks to anyone who helps a noob like me

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    If I remember correctly, the air in the legs acts as an additional spring. If the coil spring
    is too soft, you add air to the legs to increase the spring rate.

    I think there is a spring in one leg, and a dampner in the other. See if you can download a manual at the Foes website, that will help. I am not sure about this, but I think the air in one leg is OK, not great, but ok. Everything is evened out left to right as the wheel is attached to the 30mm axle and the forks move as a single unit.

    I hope that helps....

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    You can still download the maunal for this fork from the Foes website.

    The fork is pretty simple internally. From memory, the Damping leg just needs a constant 70lb psi in it - this is the leg with the schrader valve at the bottom of it. You shouldn't put any more or less than 70lb psi in this side of the fork. The important thing with the damper is to ensure that it's running enough oil internally, and that the floating piston is set at the right height (see the fork manual).

    The spring leg is the one with the schrader valve at the top. The spring sits in an open oil bath. Air is used to control the ramping rate of the fork. You can adjust the levels of oil and air in this side of the fork to control the spring rate, ramping etc. In theory, if the oil level is correct and you are running the correct spring rate you shouldn't need to add any air to the spring leg.

    Might pay to get someone to look at it for you. If the schrader valve's stuffed then you should just be able to swap it out for a new one.

    Hope this helps.

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