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    End of the road for me and Foes

    I am sad to report that as of yesterday, Foes and I are no more. My second Fly, bought new in 2006, finally passed away yesterday while on a ride. It broke right above the BB on the downtube. Clean break. Obviously this had been building for some time. Unfortunately, there is no Foes in the current lineup that I would buy, could buy OR would work. I tried about a year ago to get a hold of Foes to see if they had a new old stock front triangle; no go. Granted, 7 years of riding out of a bike in North Vancouver is no mean feat. I feel lucky. What's most sad is the fact the bike was well loved and will be dearly missed. I had many good rides with it and it never let me down. I am only really sad I cannot continue with Foes.

    For the curious, I have found the Knolly Podium to be my next bike. There is one in the shop for sale (I went looking today and it is in stock, my size, with CCDB and Ti spring, of my weight) and it is my colour, anodized black. What is really important: I can use my fork (Monster T), brakes (Hope Mono 6 Ti), wheels (Hadley hubs/Mavic 729) and seat post, although it might be a tad short. I plan to use my cranks for now (Bonz ISIS drive, vintage I know) but I think they will be the first to go. I have to get a new head set as the head tube is 1.5, but it will be a King again. I thought about an Intense Uzzi but the bike would of needed a new fork. Ditto for the Knolly Delirium. In fact, I was going to replace the frame almost 2 years ago with the Knolly V-tach. They discontinued it. And since I have 10 years of spare parts for the Monster, including stanchions/sliders/seals etc AND a brand new 2005 unused or uninstalled as a spare, it seems natural to me to want to stick with my fork. Heavy, but I have it set up PERFECT for me.

    Had Foes stuck with the Fly or a variant I would of most likely stayed, but it seems this era of my riding has come to an end. But I enjoyed every ride in the 10 years I had the two Fly's (2003 and 2006) and have nothing but good things to say about them. I might sell the Curnutt shock I have; maybe someone can use it as my frame certainly does not, along with the Ti spring. Perfect for a 160lb rider. If all goes well my new ride should be up and running in about a week, most likely 2. It seems to me the "freeride" bike is a thing of the past and you either have to get a DH bike or an "all mountain" bike. Nothing in between. And since the DH bike is more robust, it seemed only natural to me that it was the logical choice. And getting a local bike helps too, especially if there is an issue, especially with the fact the bike was made with my locale in mind. IF I ever get to Whistler it would be a refreshing experience. Although sad, I am excited about a new chapter in my riding about to start.

    Take Care, whatever you may ride. As long as we ride, that is all that matters.


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    Post some pics of the good times, if you have any images? I always like to remember the good times.

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    End of the road for me and Foes-large_0141_foes_prototype_enduro.jpgHi Blackfly

    I also had a Fly 03, 07 and 09.
    I get this week, now my new FXR 13! Do you have the FXR 13 also viewed as an alternative to Fly?

    I think the new FXR 13 the Fly replaced perfectly!
    Enough suspension travel for DH and still fit Uphill

    Regards Marcel

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt45 View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	large_0141_foes_prototype_enduro.jpg 
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ID:	786723Hi Blackfly

    I also had a Fly 03, 07 and 09.
    I get this week, now my new FXR 13! Do you have the FXR 13 also viewed as an alternative to Fly?

    I think the new FXR 13 the Fly replaced perfectly!
    Enough suspension travel for DH and still fit Uphill

    Regards Marcel
    I've been told Foes will make Fly's, upon request. I find it very hard to believe they would leave the OP in the lurch. I've had frames repaired and even custom made by Foes and they were always very flexible and easy to deal with.

    Rule number 1 whenever dealing with a company - always talk to the owner, first. IE Call Brent.
    Stupid, but sometimes witty. Occasionally brilliant. Slow and fat though.

    Mike Vandeman Sucks Dong

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    I appreciate the replies; however, there are some things about the FLY that I think have been improved upon since I bought it.

    The Curnutt platform feels dated; that is, the "platform" limited the smallest bump compliance, and I could feel it. I never questioned the mid and large hit feel, but this is one area I could feel could of been better. I understand it was for pedalling, but the times I could hear and feel the rear end working was few, but it was there.

    I called Foes and asked if they had any front triangles (my rear end is fine) and they said no. I even asked if they could make one, the answer was no. Moreover, asking Foes to make one of a 2006 model (since the rear linkage gets different in later models) means that there could be issues; to say nothing of cost. To make ONE frame is going to cost, and hurt; there are others out there. And what if the rear end gave out: are they going to make a rear end for me?

    I just saw it as a sign to move on. Not that I have any regrets but perhaps it is supposed to be. The freeride bike is becoming rare, even rarer, and the ability to run the fork I want (have) is important. I have a virtually lifetime supply of parts and seals.

    Who knows later, but for now, the decision has been made and I am going with it.

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