Curnutt coil shock rebound "squeak"?-
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    Curnutt coil shock rebound "squeak"?

    Lately I've noticed the coil shock on my 2007 Foes Fly makes a kind of squeak noise on some sharp fast hits, when the shock is starting to rebound I believe. It doesn't sound like a creaking pivot somewhere, it seems to be coming from the shock itself.

    I'm running with 75 PSI and its setup for my weight from the factory. Is this an indication of needing servicing? It still rides nicely, otherwise.

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    I have the same bike and a freshly rebuilt shock has a certain noise while it is rebounding.
    If you adjust the rebound it may have slightly different "tune".

    I think it is normal, but you may want to contact Foes just in case.

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    I have a similar problem on my 2-1 Mono, it makes a terrible noise on the rebound, and get worse the slower the rebound is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philwalter View Post
    I have a similar problem on my 2-1 Mono, it makes a terrible noise on the rebound, and get worse the slower the rebound is.
    are you sure you dont have the damping set to high? I've noticed this happens when the damping is turned up too far. This happens are Fox shocks, too.
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    I thought I was the only one.. I had my FXR since 07, since I had it, the curnutt shock always had a sound on the rebound stroke. Like a dog barking from a distance. According to the distributor here in Japan, it's normal and it should go away once you break it in. Well, it hasn't.

    I changed the shock once due to an air leak, but the new shock that replaced it still has that exact same sound as the old one. I wrote to FOES, tried putting it up on Facebook, still no reply..

    Short of changing to another brand (FOX), anyone out there knows what to do?

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