• 02-03-2019
    Nurse Ben
    Hey Fezzari: We need a carbon Cascade Peak!
    Seriously, thereís a gap in the carbon quiver.

    Also, could you make it 27+ specific with really short chainstays?

    Iím thinking 420-425 :)

    How about a different swing arm for the La Sal Peak thatís is 27+ only?
  • 02-03-2019
    A carbon Cascade peak would be absolutely amazing

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  • 02-08-2019
    Nurse Ben
    I suggested this the other day while talking to Jordan about my angleset and fork, he didnít rule it out but didnít commit neither.

    If they did a Carbon Cascade with the geo of the La Sal, thatíd be sweet. As much as I like the Signal Peak, it really is an XC bike, and the La Sal is an enduro bike, so there is a mid travel gap if you want carbon.

    That said, you can buy an aluminum Cascade frameset, which is surely a quality product, but itís a couple pounds heavier than carbon; also a thousand dollars lighter ;)
  • 02-09-2019
    I for sure would be very interested in a mid-travel Carbon bike from Fezzari. 29er please with the option for 27.5 like on the la sal. All the benefits of the la sal and all the lightness of the signal. Basically a La Sal MT (mid travel) 140/130 or 140/135 setup. But at like 26-27lbs for a LARGE non xx1 build. Offer it up with top of the line latest components including the new wireless group set. Put me on the waiting list for that. As of now leaning towards the la sal but it is too much travel for where I ride. And I feel the signal is to race for what I want.