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    guys help me!!

    After countless comparisons I am one step away from dropping dime on this bike and want to know your thoughts on Elite vs comp builds and anything else you would change. Im lookig for big value without regrets for upgrading something..
    I am 5'11" riding in Las vegas which has a huge variation in trails and conditions not to mention rides within 2 hours including gooseberry, sedona, bootleg(mother trail type stuff) to name a few I have been to.
    I am currently riding the Yeti big top so this is a huge jump for me and possibly my last bike purchase due to age and a degenerative disease that will get me sooner or later so looking for a great purchase!
    Thanks for all the input!!
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    Umm, which bike?

    Honestly, a bike is a bike, Fezzari makes fine bikes, but so do a lot of other mfgs.

    If you want a deal and don't mind buying sight unseen/no demo, then you can save money doing direct sales.

    I really doubt it'll be your last bike, folks say that all the time ...

    Personally, unless you have a lot of experience with a lot of bikes, I'd buy local unless you can participate in a demo day.

    The riding you are describing is pretty rough, so are you riding the Big Top on that stuff or are you looking to ride harder stuff and you need a big that will handle it?

    Bootleg is moderate terrain, bumpy, but not really that extreme. If you are going to be riding stuff with drops and serious chunder, I'd look at bikes like the La Sal Peak, otherwise you could get by with a Signal Peak.

    If Fezzari had a bike in between the La Sal and teh Signal Peak, something comparable to a Fuel EX or a Stumpjumper ST, that'd be a nice choice.
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    Sorry , I'm looking at the la sal. Looks like a killer bike. I like riding some chunk but I also like to keep the wheels on the ground mostly.
    Narrowed down to gg smash , the fezz la sal and the ripmo. I want the best best pedal efficiency first the rest will be butter.

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    "Im just going to explore a little bit..."

    Dont make me be the bad guy...

    Do I need a pass to ride this trail?

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    My buddy and I have also been thinking about picking up a La Sal Peak and we also ride in Vegas. He had ridden the GG Smash and the La Sal Peak and felt like the LSP was way more efficient. I think the LSP would be great for Bears, Bootleg, SW Ridge. It'll be too much suspension for Blue Diamond but it would be great in Gooseberry and Sedona. I went to the Sedona Mtn Bike Festival specifically to find the next bike and the LSP was the one I decided I was going to get. To be fair I haven't been on a Ripmo so I can't compare it. I kinda didn't want to ride the Ripmo because the cost difference for a comparable build was 1-1.5k and I don't think the performance will be enough better to justify the price difference. I also like the fact that Fezzari has a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it on your local trails. It hits the sweet spot for me because I'm trying to fit a bike in between my Cannondale Scalpel XC bike and a Pivot Mach 6 that's set up for park riding.

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