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    This place needs an enema
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    I don't do it often, but today I'm dredging one up from the archives. The intent and vibe are unchanged -- get up, get out! -- but we're 5 years older now, and the puppy is gone.

    The clip of Doogs rolling in the dirt, trying to absorb fall stink into his very being will always be one of my favorite moving pictures. Ever.


    * * * * *

    I am speaking directly to you.

    Stop. Get up. Look out the nearest window.


    Fall is right now upon you.

    Blue skies, warm days, cool nights, the deliciously overpowering stench of decaying organic matter in the woods.

    Hadn't noticed?

    Might want to check for a pulse.

    Go. Get out there, rub your own nose in it.

    Soon it will be gone.

    Now is the time.

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    Road trip to the Mountains. The time is right, the colors are spectacular. The air is clean, and the soul will be refreshed.

    Thanks Mike.
    Dash Pt. State Park (Tacoma), Big Sky Montana during Snowboard Season, Duluth Mn, a couple of times of year incl. Xmas.

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    Hrrrmmm, raining hard and 45F here outside the window.....

    Yet, somehow, I'll gather the requisite chutzpah to get out in it tonight, when temps are supposed to be mid upper 30's.

    Somehow, your version looks more enjoyable, but mine is what I got, so I'm gettin' after it.

    Fang made me smile, again.

    Edit: Realizing both guys in my avatar are gone now too, man, getting old.
    This is a Pugs not some carbon wannabee pretzel wagon!!

    - FrostyStruthers

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    Well said, and I'm ready for it!!! However it's 90 degrees here today, not bad I guess for July 95th....
    "I ride to clear my head, my head is clearer when I'm riding SS. Therefore, I choose to ride SS."~ Fullrange Drew

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    I'm convinced. Flight booked for me and my Fatboy next month to Moab.

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    Oh boy, another post by mikesee — love ‘em all. Best yet, this one’s about ME!

    Ha! Thanks once again, Mike.

    We don't quit riding because we get old.
    We get old because we quit riding.

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    be1 is online now
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    high 90's yesterday - low 80's today - rode yesterday - no ride today though. dang .... work...

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    Crazy times we live in. Something like 0.1" of rain in Sept in MD. Record high of 98 two days ago in October.

    There are some leaves that are falling off trees but it's weird, they are not changing color on the tree. Riding in the woods there are leaves on the trail, but looking up no signs of which tree they came from, in the traditional sense. Maples are 100% green and holding almost all leaves. Oaks are 99% green and holding almost all leaves but losing acorns like mad. Sycamores are the only ones I've noticed turning and shedding leaves as usual. They pretty much went straight to brown and fell within a week though.

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    Its incredible to me how many people put the bike away around Labor Day. Absolutely, the best time to ride.

    Nothing in the world smells better than being in the woods in northern Michigan in the fall.

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    Here in the northeast, woods riding is best in the fall. As noted, the smell of the decaying leaves, to me, is heaven, as well as the ability to see through the forest when the leaves are down. The cooler temperatures are much welcomed too!!!

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