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    Wrathchild 4.6 on 90mm rim fit 2016 Specialized Fatboy?

    Hi, newbie here. A very basic question: would wrathchild 4.6 x 26 fit for both rear and front of a Specialized Fatboy using stock Stout XC 90 rims and running with tubes? I will probably be running at way under 20psi (closer to between 5 to10).

    If these tires are a no go what other studded tires do you all recommend for this frame.


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    Forgot to add these would be with the XL studs if that makes a difference.

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    wrathchild on a 90mm rim is 4.585". i do not run higher than 7psi.

    fyi, XL studs suck. many have half of them fall out on the first ride...

    that being said, i love my wrathchilds, although with the smaller 45nrth concave stud.

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    I haven't lost a stud yet but not much for rock riding just mostly on a pillow of snow. That being said I did a long ride on blacktop to help seat them before they saw any trail riding.

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    I installed mine with some Balkamp (NAPA) Tire and Bead Sealer and did not lose one of them today, even locking up the rear tire on pavement. I'm calling that a huge success. The sealer made them seat a lot easier as well.

    Incidentally, I am VERY impressed with how they hook up. It was 8 degrees during my ride of 8 or 9 miles, to include packed and unpacked trails. I am coming from D5's in winter and Bud/FBR for non-winter (or winter with no ice) and these have more traction than anything I've ridden. I did not feel they required any more power than the D5's I've run for years. I purposefully went off trail into the deeper stuff a number of times and it just climbed back on the trail easily without washing out.

    They measured 4.51" on my 100mm wheels, tubeless, but they are brand new.

    Wrathchild 4.6 on 90mm rim fit 2016 Specialized Fatboy?-daaa1ad9-e861-4ce0-85f8-bc780bd4a6f8-x3.jpg

    Wrathchild 4.6 on 90mm rim fit 2016 Specialized Fatboy?-1effd838-32f9-41b3-81ee-eafc2efd3568-xl.jpg
    Nothing to see here, move along folks.

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