Hola MTBR, I have a regular ICT with clown shoes, and I would like to pick up a set of HRDs ( holy rolling darryls ) for it and toss my husker du's on for the summer. I know stock specs will need to be 150mm x 15mm axle front and 197 x 12mm axle back, but I'm wondering if I can get away with anything else? I have found alot of decent HRD builds that are 170mm rear ( 12mm axles, etc ), which are typically from Salsa's which are usually good deals, but these will not fit... or will they?

Is there anything I can do to allow the bike to take so of the more common offsets from other bikes? It would be great if I could pick up something I could easily modify, instead of paying $1k+ for a new set of HRD's with the offsets needed for the ICT as quoted by my LBS

Also, not entirely set on HRD's, just something in that 80mm range that will fit the ICT without too much hassle.

PS, before you say you can toss the Du's on the Clown Shoes and be ok - yes you can, but the the HuDu's are are pretty stretched out on the clown shoes and this results in a very stiff ride; additionally the tires dont offer much protection for the outside of the rim and resulted in some scratches on the rim after going through some fairly tiny rock gardens. Nates might be better in this regard, and I might go that route if I can't find a pair of HRD's.