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    Underwear for Fatbiking??

    Ok guys, hear me out. With all these recent threads "winter pants?" and "what kind of boots" popping up left and right. I just want to make sure I'm wearing the right kind of underwear for fatbiking, I mean, I used the search function for "unicorn fur man thong" but came up empty handed. Any suggestions? I need something that is soft like chamois, breathable (so the boys don't sweat), warm down to at least -60 f, and some thing that doesn't bunch up in the back. Also it would help if they could double as a tent in case of an emergency situation. thanx for the help.
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    this looks promising, although I'm not sure i want to be associated with road bikers.
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    The mankini works in all temps, is breathable, and provides great range of motion!!!

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    Anything IR ROCKS!! This thing keeps me warm as a layering piece under water in the harshest Winter's.
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    i always go commando. just cause your riding in the snow is no reason for more than a long sleeved t-shirt and jeans. birkenstocks with wool socks too

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    Quote Originally Posted by JordyB View Post
    The mankini works in all temps, is breathable, and provides great range of motion!!!
    My boys were sweating just looking at that!
    Not really. I find the wool Ibex El Fito knickers to do the job pretty well. I notice a big difference when I don't wear them, such as cold(er) cheeks, thighs and knees.
    I do have to admit they have a seam in a rather lousy place for really long rides-right down the middle in front. Ask me about the bloody carnage in the ITI sometime. Not pretty at all. I still wear them though, as that's a different amount of riding than normal.
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    Aaaargh! Where's the eye bleach?
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    Lloz...what's next, favorite merkins for fat biking?

    FWIW, I like Capeline or REI stuff.
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    I prefer the G string version actually, when I raise my arms I typically get a 20% increase in wattage.

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