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    Trail building bike

    We have plenty of sand and we also get our fair share of snow here in northern New Mexico so if I had a fat bike, it would get used. But my question is about using a fat bike to bed in trails in the sand.

    We start getting moisture this time of year and I wouldn't dare take one of my bikes out to try and bed in a new trail in the sandy soil we have although this time of year would be ideal if any. I was wondering if a fat bike would be good at compacting the moist sandy soil and therefore bedding in new trails. Where I live, there is a very low clay content.

    Also, the idea of having a bike to ride when it snows is very appealing to me.

    This is my idea. I have an extra Lefty that would work perfect with a 3.0 tire like the Arrow Racing Savage Tubeless (which I haven't found anywhere but on their site) with a wide downhill rim. I figure a tire like this would handle great in the corners and still have plenty of float. I would need to buy a fat frame to run an Endo in the rear and this is where I need some help. I have a really long torso and don't want to go custom but would like to find the longest possible TT without having it compromised with a slack ST angle. Any suggestions here would also be appreciated. Money is low so keep that in mind. I build my own wheels so no prob there. Lots of cactus around so tubless is ideal. The frame would need to accomidate the Lefty (combined HT and HS under 138mm).

    So far I am looking at:

    1) Frame
    2) Special BB and cranks
    3) rear hub
    4) rims for F & R - Definitely going Tubeless in the front if TL Savage tire can be had.
    5) spokes
    6) Tires

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    A fatbike will indeed pack down moist sand, as it also does dirt and snow,
    Folk on here will be able to help out on your questions about Lefty forks for you aswell
    plan it....ride it....

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    The lefty will not work with fats but it will with a trials rim and your 3.0 DH tire should be ok. Someone here was talking bout getting some custom brackets fabed up to use a lefty with the fat tires and rims.

    Get a frame now as my bike shop buddy said the price was going up. You could even go with a surly 1x1 as it will fit pretty big tires but you will be single speed.

    DO IT!

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    My measurements show that I have 3.0" to work with on the Lefty - So the way to go is a trials rim? I need to use a rim that can be used for tubeless.

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