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    Tire choice- opinions

    First- I am a fluffy guy on a new fat bike. just picked up a 16 Salsa Blackborow and had the lbs do tubeless setup on the stock JumboJims 4.8.

    1st ride, 12.5 miles, mostly singletrac and had a blast.

    2nd ride, night ride, 1-2 miles in puncture the tire.

    needless to say frustrated but it happens
    My issues:

    as a big guy(290), I am gonna learn I need to ride at a higher psi. I believe I had it at around 15psi- they say they are rate up to 30psi, anyone riding over 20psi? and, if I rid at a higher psi, that will affect

    for a replacement- do I replace with the JumboJim snakeskin? or go for a Lou? if I go lou, do I change out front for a Bud?

    This is a Four season bike- I know there is no perfect answer, but I am trying to find best all-round,but most important most durable

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    Bud and Lou are indeed NOT four season tires. Bud is but Lou is snow only in my opinion.
    I use Bud on the front and a 4.8 Surly Knard on the back. Awesome combination.
    BTW, I weigh about 265 and I run them 9-10 psi front, 10-11 rear on singletrack. Slightly lower on sand and snow.
    20 is way too much on 4.6 or larger fat tires.
    I like turtles

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    I'm not sure if excessive psi will help or hurt you? One punctured tire doesn't necessarily require drastic measures, heck I've destroyed a certain new tire and replaced it with the same thing and never had the same issue again. That being said at your weight there is a lot of merit to not running the lightest tires

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